Saturday, October 31, 2009


no im not counting this as a post just fyi
i realized theres ton i didnt tell you about fashion week so my plan now is to narrow it down to my top ten top fifteen collections and give you the overview/share/tell all.
look out for this blog around the end of november. hey, im not lazy, there are ton of collections out there and i only want to show you the best ones.


Characters Welcome

the best halloween costume is not store bought. i can assure that fifty million women have also decided to be maids, bunnies, polices, pirates, and strippers and any other store bought costume that requires as little fabric as possible. please, if i may, steer you towards decency, take a look at my favorite costumes below and see what you can do with what you already have in a quick i just realized today was halloween type way. they may look bland at first but they too have multiple personalities.

cat_ tail, ears, eyeliner, and black leather (the new black leather shorts will just be darling i found some at h&m that made me squeal.), cat deluxe set ; eyeliner tutorial from youtube, ; and mike and chris, jake leather shorts,

detective_trecnh coat, magnifying glass, righteous tipping hat or sexy messy bun.

i bought my trench at the gap but a second hand store will carry a ton of them; dollar store; target, felt fedora with peacock feather; slightly tease the hair, just enough to create texture. once the hair is prepped, gently brush it back, leaving you without a part. place the bun at the nape of the neck - a low bun is always flattering. To hold the bun in place, use a hair-tie or bobbi pins to secure.

vampire_teeth, dark lips, tousled hair, and the smokey eye of death.

walgreens, custom vampire fangs in coffin; try chanel noir collection or sephora (tip: if u ask them to try a look and they'll do it on you for free!!!); and one inch curlin iron, take even sections of hair and wrap around iron as if making a spiral curl, then unravel, run fingers through hair and shake your head like a rock star.

daily fashion tip_black nail polish. why of course, for your pretty nails, my dear. mwah hahahahahaha!!!

xoxo_stella french

Way to Wear

so lately alot of my friends are trying to, as they put it, "dress from inspiration." im still deciding how long this phase will last but nevertheless, here are someways to explore your own multiple personality disorder.

prep_white shirt or polo

(from left to right) moschino, pussybow cotton shirt, $216, visit and banana republic, fitten non-iron shirt, $59, see

tailored tweed

whitehouse/black market, embellished sweater jacket, $98, white house black and armani collezioni,  dotted tweed jacket, $1,095,

bright as day bag

micheal kors, roslyn tote, marine, $995, and coach, poppy tartan glam tote, $198

eighties revival_
wind breaker

american apparel, nylon taffeta wind breaker, $42 and check out the (there were just to manny to choose from i felt like if i chose one i was depraving you on account of being deprived...)


forever21, snow day hooded cardigan, $37.80 and marc jacobs, sweatshirt dress, $1,100,


micheal kors, cashmere cable sweater & neck warmer, $895 & $695 and urban outfitter, neon canvas lace up, $9.99.

daily fashion tip_flats. who says you have to be a ballet dancer to rock these shoes. they've been out for quite some time and my god! comfortable and cute holla back. i love the marc jacobs 2010 ones. so slip some on and take a bow.

xoxo_stella french

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hot to Trot

immm alliveeee!!!!

so anyway i figured i fill you in on my little obsession_models.
yea i know everyone loves models, but there are a few i absolutely adore. i wouldnt call it stalking but i look for them in shows and when ever i see them in an editorial i squeal for joy. here are my top favorite muses.

chanel iman_ she is by far my favorite model. i first saw her when i started subscribing to teenvogue. she was on the cover with two other girls (who will be mentioned later) and now shes taken over the world. maybe its becasue there are very few african american female models who have made it big, but i think its my love of her stems from the fact that as part of the new generation she brings a new face (korean and black.) she also has fantasmical eyebrows, almond eyes, and a walk that would shame a jungle cat. here are some pics of her in spring shows this year;

karlie kloss_i <3 her. that is the best way to describe it. i also discovered her throught teen vogue. she's only seveteen and she for just about all my idols namely karl lagerfeld. shes got legs up to her frik frakin armpits and a vampire worthy stare. below are her flicks;

ali micheal_also teen vogue spotted. she had a tiny rift in her career over her weight but she steped up and talked about it. now shes back in the game with coach ads out the wizz-zow.

jordan dunn_graced this months teen vogue cover with chanel iman. i envy her skin i really do, its always shining. her eggo is preggo at the moment but she was still walking runways and gracing pages this fall.

tao okamoto_i feel in love with her haircut, its true. and im not the only one, an entire runway show (of course at this moment the designers name has slipped my mind) contained wigs fashioned after her do.

christy turlington_just call her the comeback kid (not kate moss comeback though.) she's really simply gracefull. her face has beautiful angularity and she's in shape as in goddess.

liya kebede_another shining skin heroin. she's an ethiopian super hero, take a look at her cause to prevent maternal and newborn child mortality at

coco rocha_i actually found her when they were still making cosmo girl. she's extremly pretty, like dark beau pretty. she has amazing movement in all her photos.

sasha pivovarova_russian model with angles in her face sharp enough to cut a diamond. gotta love that blond hair too.

agyness deyn_i fell in love with her close cut crop as well. shes got the boy meets girl look. very rock and roll very im a fifties house wife versatility. i absolutely adore her burberry campaigns.

daily fashion tip_ awesome secret panties (its not just victorias anymore .)think of them as an undercover superpower. take them out when you need a boost of confidence. no one has to know your wearing them but you know it, and that makes all the difference. so skrew all the model beauties, you've got something they dont have, undies that can take you from drab to fab. feeling cheeky yet?

xoxo_stella french

ps i remeber tao's runway phenom hair starter _ philip lim


hello. im sorry to have abandon you..thts all i can say.
i am, however, in good health now, and no, i did not get the swine flu.
in order to make it up to i will be posting two blogs every once and awhile until i can make up for what i missed and fufill my 360 day challenge_starting now.

xoxo_stella french

Costume National

so im feeling better. i went outside today (three cheers for moi.)

so like i said yesterday i was watching the titanic and afterwards it hit me on just how important costume designers are. it is the language as well as the clothing in a movie that let us know when and where we are. if the hero in a pirate movie is wearing dolce and gabbana your like, wait a minute, this just doesnt seem right. however, if he's been covered in dirt, his coat tails ripped, shirt untucked, hair a mess, and he's got a cut on his arm, then everything clicks.

deborah l. scott_ this lovely lady has won an oscar and worked on just about thirty three movies (correct me if im wrong.) my favorites include et, titanic, wild wild west, and transformers 1&2. her designs are quite versatile and i mean you gotta love her for vamping up megan fox's look right?

eric daman and meredith markworth-pollack_this is the pair that merrily dresses my favorite upper eastsiders, the cast of gossip girl. the show, believe it or not, is actually alot better when you watch it without sound. wether you dig serenas roll out of bed beauty, blairs preppy perfection, jennys good girl gone bad, or vanessas' boho baby doll theres a style for everyone. let us not forget chuck bass, he could charm the pants of any one with one of his signature combos.

fabio toblini_ he's a costume designer for dance, opera, musical and theater productions. this man has a magic needle, i swear to bob he does.

adrian adolf greenberg_this man is by far the most famous american costume designer. he designed costumes for everthing from the wizard of oz to anna karenina and pride and prejudice. he did right by metro-goldwyn-mayer because an entire genration grew up watching his films and trying to dress like the lovely ladies he worked with. they include greta garbo, norma shearer, jeanette macdonald, jean harlow, katharine hepburn and joan crawford.

daily fashion tip_pen. you never know when your going to need to write something down. i find that keeping a pen in my bag makes it easy to remember spur of the moment things. of course, if you don't want scribble all over your hands i suggest you buy a note book. it's also helpful if u have a phone thats at the end of its life and you dont wanna give it to the daddy asking for your number....not that i would know.

xoxo_stella french

Sunday, October 11, 2009


my fevers gone up again. dont worry its not swine, i've been checked.

i was however watching the titanic thinking about how important costume designers are, after i recovered from the immense shock of the actual movie of course, and have decided that if i feel better tmrw i will lecture you on the importance of costume designers.

daily fashion tip_hoodie. onyl to wear at home of course but they are extremly comfy. i've practically lived in mine for the last few days.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stomp The Yard

heyyy! so i have yet to fully recover but i am feeling much better then i did yesterday. thank god for chicken noodle soup. i think im entitled to stock in campbells after all the cans of their soup i downed yesterday.

anyhooo. today will be my thirty first blog so technically, this is my one month anneversarie of blogging because some months have thirtyone days right?

now i was going to rave on and on to you about louis vuitton and valentino, but i think i just might have something better; sneaker culture. now, i cant unmask to you the entire world of rubber sole collecting, pimped out graphics, and limited edition kicks in one blog, but i can share with you what i know about the world of high and mighty treaded soles.

converse_an american staple. thats all i really have to say. they are the badass dress up dress down shoe. the one shoe that even when the soles are flapping off and ur laces have chewed themselves, do not give up. i think they kind of body that "american" spirit. the idea that ur down for whatever but you do your own thing even when the odds are against you. in the shoes case this would of course be concrete, exterme weather, and dogs. go to and personalize ur own chucks for (red) the proceeds go tot aids funding. now, personally i have never owned a pair of chucks (see the thing is i wear a size twelve in womens, and chucks give me clown feet) but i am absolutely inlove with their ads. here is my favorite.

nike_just do it. what more motivation do you need then that. not only do they put out a kick ass shoe but the boast a ton of other things; athlete training. check out their ad with serena williams her rhymes are tight but her back hand is fierce. the company started in 1964 but was named nike in 1978 after the greek goddess of victory. so grab a pair and hop to it.

puma & adidas_call it a war call it a rivalry , but if you mess with a mans sneak you mess with him. this could never be more true as adidas and puma where founded by rivaling brothers. they started making shoes together in thier moms washroom in the 1920's then they fell out over their political diferences and set up shop on different sides of a river in southern germany. in 1948 when the brothers set up their seperate buisneses the town was split, if you worked for puma you where a puma man and if you worked for adidas, you better not be on the puma side of town. to this day tensions run high in the town, your best bet would be to visit wearing unbranded flipflops. its just a shame that adi and rudolf dassler never made up. i can say though, that i have a pair of navy pumas that are the shiznip. on the other hand, when i was in the six grade i got these stan smith adidas white with clear bottoms, you know i was fly. check out these...

daily fashion tip_personalize. help out a starving artist by giving them ur old kicks and asking them to doll you up a pair thats all you. i got my bff chels mula to do up my old adidas (the ones form sixth garde) and o golly wolly i do believe dmc wrote a song for me. sneaker sites have a way where you can coustomize ur own but giving a fresh new coat of paint to and old pair will do just fine, after all it is a recession.


Friday, October 9, 2009

i do believe

i do believe i've caught a sickness. so much for my happy one month blogging annversarie. nevertheless. im sick and its making me very unable to stare at my bright computer screen.

daily fashion tip_satin. it makes any dress or gown, as long as its already tasteful, spectacularly more formal.

eww i just sneezed.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grand Gestures

this is my twentyninth blog. its almost been a month. im gonna be writing something kickass for tmrw tho.

so ystrday i i said i would tell you about the chole and chanel shows and im keeping my promise.

chloe_i was not pleased. not in the leastest. i mean... the clothes are great and all but, i was just expecting more. there was that same never changing color pallet, some boy like clothing, sheer dresses, camper looking looks. i saw some shoes, leather, strappy like and all. yet, i was kinda like...thats it? form your own opinion wtch the show your self, tell me what you think. i just was looking for more after last years spring show i was like wooooh mama!!! but now im think i might need a hug, and a cup to hold my dissopointment in.

chanel_this was a definite pick up. my frown was turned upside down. i mean goo gobs of happiness are arrising from my spirit this very moment. it was a barn raising event. as always, the set was incredible!!!! lilly allen provided the livest sound track and the just shiftted like well oiled tracktor gears. there where fabulous tights, clogs(which seem to be the new it thing these last few years), poppy prints, basket weaves, aprons, and peasenty pieces. there where some ruogh textures mixed in with the ivory, beigey, transperent, and black pieces. everything was skillfully themed but the presentation in no way resembled a hoe dowm. though at the end there was some rolling in the hay, but whatever works, and this friends, worked well (insert your applause to karl lagerfeld here.)

daily fashion tip_tweed. tweed is excellent, specifically in suits, like say a chanel suit.. if it not in your budget not to worry. a matching pair of tweed shoes and a bag will keep you just as classy. besides, tweed is the perfect texture for fall; strong and bold.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rise of the Cobra

good evening ladies and gentlemen.

i just want to have a huge round of applause for alexander mcqueen (insert your applause here.)
i saw his show yesterday and after being mind bloggled to a point where i could not condense the information, i decided to write on it today. packed was the word, the air was sparky and it was a production if i ever saw one. ap-perently the site that was supposed to stream the show live, crashed. it's up and running now, but my goodness it was just electric.

snake scale replications, heels liek pointed toe ballerina feet, and hair liek fangs! the mans a dreamweaver because the show was cosmic. before the final run through people where clapping. that is a good show. all the dresses where short with reptile prints the colors change from green, brown, and blue shades that complimented the construction of each garment. fantabulous!!!!! i've put in some of my favorite looks for your viewing pleasure.

p.s. tmrw i will be giving you my thoughts on chanel, chloe, and valentino. get ready for a whole new world.

daily fashion tip_list. now everyone lieks to splurge but as your friend i want you to write a list of things you want for this spring. everything from furniture to clothing to a promotion or kick ass report card or vacation. write it down. then mark the things you already have in green (try higlighter), the things you want in red, and then circle the things you can make happen. as you get each thing done check it off. it's an it list for an it girl.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Such a Star they call me Star Spangled

so spring collections are starting to wrap up. *tear.
i cant share with you every collection i've seen but i hope the ones i've written about got you excited and inspired. however, yestrday i promised i would tell you all about stella mccartney (if it werent for my extreme fatigue i could have told you earlier)

stella is just an awesome name, at least i think so. for awesome names there are awesome collections and boy was i pleased when i saw those flouncing ruffles, military like patterns, bright burst of color, and more sheer pandamonium flounce down stella mccartneys runway in paris. (in case you didnt already know im color biased. i do love blue, it looks fantasmical against my skin and waters just so delicious) so it was no surprise that i was thrilled when out comes a pair of menswear style bright blue pants. I almost yelped in joy. i also believe i saw an asymetrical long sleeved shirt with bloomer liek bottoms. talk about ur sexy back. check out the looks for your self on her website, found in my shoppers paradise links. i do adore the ruffles as well.

daily fashion tip_moderation. i think that the perfect closet is a qunique mix of masculine and femme. leaning towards on side is great but dont discrimante the more you mix the more your outfit reflects you (this also stems from my belief that wearing and outfit entirely designed by one person is tacky (this excludes dresses, suits, and shoes) if ur cap is polo, and ur shirt is polo, and ur socks are polo, and ur watch is polo, ur boxers, ur sneakers, jacket, colonge, and undershirt are polo, you damn well better be in a polo tornament or else ur just a walking hunk of polo.) i just wanted to throw those observations out there. logo city is just not pretty.


Monday, October 5, 2009

TIme Drains

hey it me!! i do believe this is my twenty sixth blog. *tear. im growing up.

any hooo. im freaking out a little inside because my november teen vogue has yet to come. i heard it has jordan dunn and chanel iman on the cover but i wouldnt know because i have yet to recieve mine. i never throw a copy of teen vogue out. i've been getting them since i was eleven.

on the other hand i watched the stella mccartney show today. i do adore that stella, always putting things out that i'd wear. more details on that tmrw. so much to do so little time.

i'm still trying to figure out how to put up pics of all the fantasmical things i see to share with you. lets just say it's a work in progress.

p.s. check out tonights gossip girl. hilary duff and tyra banks are sure to make a splash.

daily fashion tip_statement necklace. its perfect for a simple frock, party dress, or to jazz up you'r plain white tee. for slim in the front women i suggest long beads. no not mardi gras, i mean delicate chains and strands of pearls. if you like chunky find a long necklace with a chunky piece at its lowest part. uber curvy women try chocker like strands. no they should not actually choke you but if they have a pendant it should rest between your collar bones. mid length works for just about any size though it should be worn by those of you not sporting a to b's or d's. try not to layer to much. always take one think off before you leave the house, coco chanel taught me that.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bee Season

happy happy sunday!!!

this weeks looking up.
_on monday stella mccartney will be showing her summer 2010 line in paris.
_tuesday at 11pm paris time chole will be dishing out the sexy
_tuesday at 8:30pm alexander mcqueen will be dazziling us once again with his productions
check out all the shows online. find the links to the designers websites in my shoppers paradise.
ooooh im so excited!!!!
when i was checking out alexander pre spring/summer 2010 line and i do believe im in love. from strapping dresses, quite literally, to paint splatters, shoulders of steel, and wasp like lace overlaying yellow dresses. and to my surpeise what did i spy? open toed boots!! this is going to be a big one for spring ladies better start making those pedicure appointment early. my favorite looks are 40, 12, 14, and 22.

daily fashion tip_lace. for spring im peeping lots of sheer pandemonium. romanticism and hard heavy street wear. maybe some splatered jeans with a lace tank under a fall blazer? possibilities are endless. deconsructed, lingere showing, structured. but dont forget that pretty lace. truly scrumptious.\


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Street Walker

yesterday i was watching the pirates of the caribbean three. oh dear god my love of pirates increses everytime i watch it. now, im no fan of johhny depp (i think hes a marvelous actor, hot? not so much) but his pirate talk is the saviest? i've watched the movie so many times but yesterday i discovered a new favorite scene. its at the very end when the east india trading companys ship is being destroyed after the whoorlpool scene. the main man, cant remember his name, has realized that the term "just buisness" swings bothh ways. so he walks down the steps towards the deck and in a beautiful moment of cinematography, the cannons blow the entire ship up behind him every time he takes a step another part of the ship explodes. then the entire ship is blown to bits, main man going with it. talk about down for the cause. how does this relate to fashion? military jackets, tailored, brass button, and those lovely wrist length sleeves. i wore the one i bought from h&m last year as a tribute. find your own and just go where ever the wind takes you. yo ho, yo ho, pirates life for me.

the balenciaga 2010 spring line is enough to get you talking. my favorite part of each of their collections? the shoes!!!! from tottering heels to this seasons open toed boots i remained stupified of the craftsman ship. this season they went for street appeal. lots of leather, lots of sheer. some of the pieces even have a play-doh look that surprsingly works. unlike the bloomer/nicker bottoms we've been seeing and the exposed lingere, nicholas ghesquière as pioneered yet again with a fierce as all get out sports wear straight leg pant!!!! all the pieces have an athletic feel but maintain the great construction we expect from balenciaga. check out look number 24 at its my favourite.

daily fashion tip_drapes. take a hint from ceaser and do the grecian thing. no im not talking about a toga party. there are hundreds of flattering drape styles out there this fall from skirts, dresses, to gowns. they enhance hour glass figures, hide love handles, and add curves where you never though you had them. helen of troy would be proud.

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Found Glory

so i've decided that your oldde enough to wlak on your own too feet. so today, your going to find your own new designer. it's time to go discovery channel on these fools so get exploring dora!!

daily fashion tip_treaded soul. yes the emo hipster writer thing is very attractive at the moment but im talking about this mirage of heel/boots that have been cloaking feet everywhere. in the spirit of adventurism, try a pair on. manolo blahnik has a pair with "lux-industrious lizard skin" vogue. even if your not excavating in egypt, these boots are flirtatious enough to be pretty but tough enough for the concrete jungle. take the hint from rosemary clooney and get to walking.

p.s. im gonna start adding picture! well i'll try. wish me luck

p.p.s. check out some of the blogs i follow. its a big world out there.

xoxo_stella french

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lil Bunny Foo Foo

22 post and counting!!! go me! (insert victory song here.)
well I'm feeling quite culture warrior like today. it seems that even in my small less fashionable learning enviroment, people actually have taste. *tear. im so proud. so todays topic focuses on this and this as in hair. oh yes, one of the most versatile accesories you shall ever have. even if its short, it is still a ginormous part of your daily outfit.

hairbands have made quite a comeback since gossip girl catapulted it as the "it" essential for all queen bees. think of it as an informal crown of anarchy. this year, headbands are more animalistic. i mean everything from bows to bunny ears have popped up on the streets. i've seen rose headbands made from zippers and scarf headbands turned into floppy hair holders. their everywhere; the ears have it. so heres a breif history of this seasons bow, bunny, and mouse ears
_hugh hefner made bunny ears infamous with his rabbit ear playmates
_who could forget bridget jones?
_dont even get me started on paris hilton just google it and decide for yourself
_marc jacobs made a splash, sorry, hop, with his bunny ears in the louis vuitton ready-to-wear 2009 fall collection
_madonna wore them to the met costume institute gala
_as for younger starlets, lilly allen, lady gaga, and the olsen twins have all been spotted dotting their own ears

daily fashion tip_healthy hair is a must! talk to your dermatologist and your hair dresser about the health of your hair. try aveda for natural inexpensive products that actually work. shake that mane.