Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grand Gestures

this is my twentyninth blog. its almost been a month. im gonna be writing something kickass for tmrw tho.

so ystrday i i said i would tell you about the chole and chanel shows and im keeping my promise.

chloe_i was not pleased. not in the leastest. i mean... the clothes are great and all but, i was just expecting more. there was that same never changing color pallet, some boy like clothing, sheer dresses, camper looking looks. i saw some shoes, leather, strappy like and all. yet, i was kinda like...thats it? form your own opinion wtch the show your self, tell me what you think. i just was looking for more after last years spring show i was like wooooh mama!!! but now im think i might need a hug, and a cup to hold my dissopointment in.

chanel_this was a definite pick up. my frown was turned upside down. i mean goo gobs of happiness are arrising from my spirit this very moment. it was a barn raising event. as always, the set was incredible!!!! lilly allen provided the livest sound track and the just shiftted like well oiled tracktor gears. there where fabulous tights, clogs(which seem to be the new it thing these last few years), poppy prints, basket weaves, aprons, and peasenty pieces. there where some ruogh textures mixed in with the ivory, beigey, transperent, and black pieces. everything was skillfully themed but the presentation in no way resembled a hoe dowm. though at the end there was some rolling in the hay, but whatever works, and this friends, worked well (insert your applause to karl lagerfeld here.)

daily fashion tip_tweed. tweed is excellent, specifically in suits, like say a chanel suit.. if it not in your budget not to worry. a matching pair of tweed shoes and a bag will keep you just as classy. besides, tweed is the perfect texture for fall; strong and bold.


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