Monday, October 5, 2009

TIme Drains

hey it me!! i do believe this is my twenty sixth blog. *tear. im growing up.

any hooo. im freaking out a little inside because my november teen vogue has yet to come. i heard it has jordan dunn and chanel iman on the cover but i wouldnt know because i have yet to recieve mine. i never throw a copy of teen vogue out. i've been getting them since i was eleven.

on the other hand i watched the stella mccartney show today. i do adore that stella, always putting things out that i'd wear. more details on that tmrw. so much to do so little time.

i'm still trying to figure out how to put up pics of all the fantasmical things i see to share with you. lets just say it's a work in progress.

p.s. check out tonights gossip girl. hilary duff and tyra banks are sure to make a splash.

daily fashion tip_statement necklace. its perfect for a simple frock, party dress, or to jazz up you'r plain white tee. for slim in the front women i suggest long beads. no not mardi gras, i mean delicate chains and strands of pearls. if you like chunky find a long necklace with a chunky piece at its lowest part. uber curvy women try chocker like strands. no they should not actually choke you but if they have a pendant it should rest between your collar bones. mid length works for just about any size though it should be worn by those of you not sporting a to b's or d's. try not to layer to much. always take one think off before you leave the house, coco chanel taught me that.


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