Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lil Bunny Foo Foo

22 post and counting!!! go me! (insert victory song here.)
well I'm feeling quite culture warrior like today. it seems that even in my small less fashionable learning enviroment, people actually have taste. *tear. im so proud. so todays topic focuses on this and this as in hair. oh yes, one of the most versatile accesories you shall ever have. even if its short, it is still a ginormous part of your daily outfit.

hairbands have made quite a comeback since gossip girl catapulted it as the "it" essential for all queen bees. think of it as an informal crown of anarchy. this year, headbands are more animalistic. i mean everything from bows to bunny ears have popped up on the streets. i've seen rose headbands made from zippers and scarf headbands turned into floppy hair holders. their everywhere; the ears have it. so heres a breif history of this seasons bow, bunny, and mouse ears
_hugh hefner made bunny ears infamous with his rabbit ear playmates
_who could forget bridget jones?
_dont even get me started on paris hilton just google it and decide for yourself
_marc jacobs made a splash, sorry, hop, with his bunny ears in the louis vuitton ready-to-wear 2009 fall collection
_madonna wore them to the met costume institute gala
_as for younger starlets, lilly allen, lady gaga, and the olsen twins have all been spotted dotting their own ears

daily fashion tip_healthy hair is a must! talk to your dermatologist and your hair dresser about the health of your hair. try aveda for natural inexpensive products that actually work. shake that mane.


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