Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Such a Star they call me Star Spangled

so spring collections are starting to wrap up. *tear.
i cant share with you every collection i've seen but i hope the ones i've written about got you excited and inspired. however, yestrday i promised i would tell you all about stella mccartney (if it werent for my extreme fatigue i could have told you earlier)

stella is just an awesome name, at least i think so. for awesome names there are awesome collections and boy was i pleased when i saw those flouncing ruffles, military like patterns, bright burst of color, and more sheer pandamonium flounce down stella mccartneys runway in paris. (in case you didnt already know im color biased. i do love blue, it looks fantasmical against my skin and waters just so delicious) so it was no surprise that i was thrilled when out comes a pair of menswear style bright blue pants. I almost yelped in joy. i also believe i saw an asymetrical long sleeved shirt with bloomer liek bottoms. talk about ur sexy back. check out the looks for your self on her website, found in my shoppers paradise links. i do adore the ruffles as well.

daily fashion tip_moderation. i think that the perfect closet is a qunique mix of masculine and femme. leaning towards on side is great but dont discrimante the more you mix the more your outfit reflects you (this also stems from my belief that wearing and outfit entirely designed by one person is tacky (this excludes dresses, suits, and shoes) if ur cap is polo, and ur shirt is polo, and ur socks are polo, and ur watch is polo, ur boxers, ur sneakers, jacket, colonge, and undershirt are polo, you damn well better be in a polo tornament or else ur just a walking hunk of polo.) i just wanted to throw those observations out there. logo city is just not pretty.


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