Thursday, December 24, 2009

so lets get real.
no one is reading this blog so im going to stop blogging.
in the entire time ive been writing i have had two comments. i started writing in september for fun, but this is not fun anymore. it is not fun to talk to a wall. this is my 96th post. im not looking for anyone to beg me to keep writing, but some feed back would be nice. a little support maybe or an i like that idea even. but oh well. i suppose it is necessary for there to be losers in order for there to be winners. so now i resign till further notice, forever a fashion loser without an audience, its not like i had one in the first place anyway.

daily fashion tip_whatever the hell you want it to be.

xoxo_stella french

Monday, December 21, 2009

in the house of the rising sun

well only ten days left in 2009. i suppose ill spend them reviewing what trends we idulged in these last few years. oh, it was only yesterday (2000) that i started the first grade. and now look at me; im a moody, tall teenager, who wears black all the time, with a straight across bang, and likes to read and write. my how times have changed.

well anyhooo im a big fan of pants and being such i decided to reminisce on the jean trends of the decade. hold on tight loves...

_2000_hipsters. thank god i was young and unawear of this trend but it seems that the exposed hipbone jeans from the ninteies found away to trail themselves into the 2yk. we still have hippsters. but luckily we've reformed enough so that our crotch hair isnt peeping out from the waist band.

_2002_skinnies. by far one of my favorite jean trends because they show of the slimness of my legs. it came back around the influence of rock and roll. you know stokes-inspired and what not and that is how the silhouette of the decade came to life.

_2006_wide-legged. another favorite of mine. the broke in with a vengance; high waisted and flarring ready to throw skinnies out the door.

_2008_boyfriend. this is the chich baggy of jeans, no more homo-thug style. these jeans where stolen from a bf's closet, rolled up and tied with a belt or scarf to fit the waist. plus the idea that you found them off the floor made them tres tres chic.

_2009_distressed. my grandmother always said that if i ever wanted jeans like this she'll buy me a pair from wallmart and i can destroy them myself. i agree with her. but the simple fact is that the broken down, ripped, discardedness of distressed jeans is so appealing. the too came from the rock and roll and thanks to balmain(they featured a $3,000 pair) stores rolled them out like they where the only thing being made. all you need too know is that their tight, bleached, and ripped into shape.

daily fashion tip_jeans. choose a style from above and bring them with you into the next decade. before you know it, maybe a few more decades or so, they'll be vintage and you my friend will be ahead of the curve.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

i definetly have strong feelings towards you i just don't know if their positive or negative

late sunday no school monday!!! whoo hoo partaay. ok well not really cause theres a good foot or more of snow on the ground outside ndc last i checked all my ladies and fellas are sleeping. darn those lazy bums.

anyhoo. rodarte for target. check it out
rodarte for target lookbook
rodarte for target/ go international

if you even knew how many things i want from this collection. my oh my dont get me started. however, if you'd like to donate items preferably medium (small would fit me but lets not forget about my limbs) then i have no issue accepting them to get rid of some of the space in my closet. just kidding. no seriously though if you want to, i wont stop you.

so i just wanted to share with you some things before this year is over and here they are

winter trends

_big hair. say hello dolly because its all about sexy wild teased hair. like lots of volume and loose spirals kind of thing. if you have short hair though do not fret, slap some pomade on and go for a cool sculpted look in your hair. try a pompadour or parting it to one side and doing finger waves.

_shoes. match your shoes with your lipstick. im so serious if your doing bright red match that with your loubitons and if you have shocking pink shoes on get some covergirl lipstain to make your lips pop. i, however, will be indulging in plum almost black lips stick to match my plum almost black shoes pumps.

_curves. the bandage dress is probably a staple for a winter wardrobe. just imagine all the eyes tha will be on you after you take that extra lare puffy coat off. bandage dresses were originaly a herve leger thing in the late eighties but it shows off your curves in all the right places. however, it is not a dress for every body type.

_white. we all love the little black dress yes, it will never die. on the other hand the little white dres is not so much of a staple as it is a traffic stopper. you can still get that classic daring cut of an lbd in any color. its all about nonconformity and chic versatility.

_redhead. if you want to die your hair but your not looking to be a blonde, rejoice. rehead is the way to go, at least i think so. everyones a blonde these days. try an apricot, papaya, or persimmon. make sure the color works with your skin tone and dont go to red we want you to be naural ove, not a clown.

_black leather boot. now, in my first blog post i had the daily fashion tip as something black for a very long time. i wont lie, i still love black. not even on an emotip, i just feel that its so simple that it works with verything and im always wearing sometype of accesorie and black lets it pop. sory off topic ther but black leathe rboots are a rock classic with or without the heel ( i love the polo version) and you can wear them with a mini dress or pants or jeans or whatever you like.

oh and btw check out the shoppers paradise i've updated the links and added some new ones.

daily fashion tip_costume jewelery. think faux pearls and glam like jewels. its all about extravagence. bonus: not as expensive as real baubles but if crafted nicely you'll never know the difference. think brocade fabrics, faux leapord skin, fur jackets, gold, and snake skin shoes. omg its like katy perry has taken over my mind...


Saturday, December 19, 2009


ohhhhmmmmgggggeeeeee! its snowing and baby it is cold outside.

so this weather has caused me to lose track of time and my though process so everything i planned to write about pink for this blog has been forgotten. i will however tell you what i can remember.

my favorite color is shocking pink used widely by elsa schiaparelli. i saw her exhibit when i was pretty young with my grandmother when it came to the philadelphia museum of art (god i love that place). after that i knew i wanted to be a fashion designer when i grew up. i've wanted to be an artisit since kindegarten but thats when the fashion bug bit me and im still infected to this day.

now just this year i watched funny fave what with my addiction to musicals and audrey hepburn. this opening number made me excited about the film before it even got to the nitty grity.

now we've got victoria secret pink. i love their sweat pants btw. plus its just comfy. im not into parading labels and i nvr wear sweats outside unless its gym class, which thank god i dnt have this semester, but i do like to sleep in them. pink is where the heart is, after all.

like, you cant even lie and say that that show doesnt look like oddles and oddles of fun to be in or watch.

now theres this pink phone id really love to have from

kind of like molly ringwald circa sixteen candles ya know?

nd some pink stuff from
im not really into ruffles but i think this would look slick with some boyfriend jeans or some leather shorts and a blazer.

but i think the pink thing id most be into is this_chanel. they know what a girl wants (rst 09 nd spring 2010)

daily fashion tip_rodarte for target. one more day till the product drops. you just better be in their like swim wear cause i already know what im getting. opportunity is knocking, go open the door to fantasmical and fairly priced clothing. go what r u waiting for go!!!!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Public Enemies

so the first thing i see when i go to the basil soda sight is dull colors, somefunky graphics, and some funky high fashion sounding music is assulting my ears. so im like ohh boy what am i about to enter...

so i head to the bio and it turns out this guy, basil soda, opened a house in 2001 after being in the industry for a few years. so now he's at the "forefront of middle eastern chic" and hes gettin gbig in europe and the usa. which is evident becasue not only katy perry (see yesterdays post) but kim kardashina (oh and christina applegate!!) have been spotted in his haute creations. hes all about curves and "femine allure". i can dig that, though i lack curves. i think he's saying that he wants women to be elegant from what i can conclude. check out his most recent collection and see for yourself. dont forget to check out his sightin the shoppers paradise link on the side of my blog.

ok so it turns out i cannot find adequate pictures to copy and paste so this link will have to do

i love the intricate design its absolutely fantastic. im all about simplicity when it comes to my own life but when it comes to fashion its the details that make each and every garment special and thats where the beauty comes from. at least, i think so.

daily fashion tip_chiffon. a chiffon dress with some lovely classical necklace arrangment will not only make you look floaty but extremply elegant, if its cut correctly. so float on love, float on.


1, 2 , bang bang

rodarte for target in just two days!!!!!! monday actually. im in there like swim wear.

btw. ive decided to grow my hair. yea its not tht shorrt but im always cutting it. i wonder what id look like with some slightly past shoulder length locks. i always get a straight across bang and my hair cut to my chin. but ya know new year new style maybe even though people always say that im serious. the hair i really would like to have in a dream me is below

fierce right? her locks are out the wiz-aow. now, im not gonna grow mine tht long but when i do cut it its gonna be cut straight across. no more angles. or maybe i'll get a bowl like tao okamoto. no no no. im growing it and thats that.

i've also updated my blog. there are links. their pretty crappy insize but they lead to wonderfully fantasmical places. just click and goooo.

on another topic im trying to decide wether or not to go see avatar. i heard it had wonderful reviews but its just not something im dying to go see. if you do watch it. however, tell me about it.

so i've discovered this beautifully constructed dress today. i was flipping through my moms in-style for december (taylor swift is the cover girl) and i saw this dress.

now in the magazine its worn by katy perry who wore it to the grammy awards this year. i think its fablous.

check out that weaving in the back! fantasmical!!! its so floaty yet sophisticated.
so now it begs the question who is basil soda. well i guess you'll find out tmrw follwed by a post about pink. cause im feeling the pink.

daily fashion tip_sturdy headphones. i am about to replace my second pair of headphones for this year. i just got them a few weeks ago. and now their broken. my orginal i-pod headphones lasted all the way up until november (i got them in march and then stepped on them by accident.) so now myheadphones are breaking again, from stress this time not from my oversized feet. so get some sturdy ones cause theres nothing like listening to the music you love from crappy headphones...


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

rock the boat

so my boat obssesion has lead me to finding this bag. i love pirates and the whole idea of resort wear for winter look. thats when i found this hat, and i want it badddd....

chanel, straw boater decorated with ribbon

go to the sport accessories while your there and check out the surf boadr and the boat
i want those too by the way. i dont surf but it would be nice to have a board incase i ever wanna learn you know im young ive got a while before im tooo old to surf.

daily fashion tip_sunglasses. i know your like stell awhat are you talking about, but im serious. i got off the train today to walk home and it was really really bright i mean like the extra white light bright. i had to quint my eyes to make sure i didnt step off the curb and get hit by a buss. practice safe walking in the bright winter kids, get yourself some shades.


i like my rosay red and my diamonds blue

meek millz again. you know, i never really listen to hardcore rap, ever. but im kind of diggin the senseless imagery rappers use.

so the perfect holiday accesorie is shiny and bright just like this batch of colorful little dress. lbd is still classic but these yougn short dresses are definetly going to be worn by my friends and i this holiday wether we are being hugged to death, at our schools winter dinner dance, or sipping sparkling apple cider on new years eve.

emma watson in burberry

lanvin spring 2010

aquilano.rimondi spring 2010

nanette lepore fall 2009 rtw

daily fashion tip_jewels. if you are however like me into lbd's no matter the occasion try a bright very bright statement necklace with a simple dress so that it doesnt look like your going to a funeral. im thinking maybe a large emerald piece to match my nails...


im in my bag

im listening to meek millz at the moment. if you dont know who he is you should check out his raps. please however be prepared for unappropriate language..... nevertheless this song had me thinking bout the chanel coco cocoon collection of travel bags.

check out this clip with daul kim (rip) i love it. the video i mean not the rip...

so the whole thing has lily allen as the face of it and i love her tooo! its like all my favorite people are teaming up these days! so its been featured all over the place, nylon mag, vogue, elle. you can see the ads in these same magazines and there not to bad either. the coolest part of the bags is that their reversible so theyve got that awesome quilt design or a puffier version to choose from. their really hardware like which is different for chanel but im not mad at them. i think karl lagerfeld has done right by the massses once again.

daily fashion tip_luggage. i have this issac mizrahi navy blue carry all with white trim and on the inside it's pink gingham!!! my mom gave it too me a few years ago and that makes it even better. everybody needs a bag that is totally and completely them. it just makes you feel special inside. so pack it up pack it in and the next time you hop on a plane be in your bag like meek millz.


your scotch korean, you dont make a wee bit of sense....

yup thats right its just one of those days when i started watching starburst youtube commercials.

so on saturday night i watched taylor lautner on snl. he is the worlds hottest dork. it was really funny. but snl always is. you know what else is funny? elf!!! the movie with will ferell. you dont even have to like christmas watching a grown man prance around new york in green felt is just funny.
so this video taken by a random person sucks but the funny part is still in there

so plaid has been really bug but lets not forget about tartan. im mean your probably like whats the difference, i was asking the same question well here it is:

plaid (plad) n. a long, woolen garment, usually with a tartan pattern, worn as a wrap by Scottish Highlanders; a. marked with stripes.
tartan (tar'-tan) n. woolen cloth of colored plaids, each genuine Scottish clan possessing its own pattern; a. made of tartan.

there you have it. well im a wee bit scottish irish and i dont know what clan i belong to but im pretty sure that the burberry clan will welcome anyone willing. so here are some plaid garments with tartan patterns and my favs from the recent burberry prorsum spring 2010 collection:

so there isnt actually alot of pattern in this collection, at all. but there is lots of draping which is giving me balenciaga flash backs....

see its more of a pastel thing going on which is tottaly appropriate for spring. there are a few moore things i like about burberry and here they are:

trenches, i love me some trench coats. if i could get one every year i would, i would get one.

ad campaigns. turning a witch into a model. i mean she's already very pretty but i love how this ad campaign stars her. mario testino did an awesome job what with the lighting but staying true to the whole burberry culture thing. its pasted over one of my walls in my room but heres a little snipet.

and this dress. im going to copy cat it with my sewing machine, though i doubt it will come out just as fablous as this one :(

daily fashion tip_snl. it will make you laugh (plus the outfits they put on people are hilarious.) your mood affect the way you dress. the happier you are the more confidence you have and your clothes wont be wearing you. im mean be honest dont you always look around to see whos laughing when someone bust into giggles? exactly.