Sunday, November 29, 2009

Darkness falls across the land....

this is the last color how to. i had fun but there are other things happening
the majority of these items will be black, cause i love black, but the colors i did not post about will also be featured. enjoy.

jerome c. rousseau, aizza patent leather pumps,

lanvin, bird-embellished silk belt,

marc jacobs, swirl paisley scarf,

robert rodriguez black label, cutout chiffon dress,

burberry, feild jacket with firm trim,

arden b, leather fingerless glove,

kowboy lizard brouge,

lace contrast skirt,

stuart weizman, tijuana strappy sandal,

daily fashion tip_mini dress. show a little leg. steal a couple hearts. get down tonight...


Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Golden Age

"cant all ways get what chu want..........."
good eveing loves. so yesterday, i did get to the store by six o clock. i should give my relatives more credit.
i bought fantasmical things and chaught sales out the wiz-aow. what was really awesome for me, however, is that i just saw pirate radio. its is a must see for music lover or film lovers. never a dull moment. and the fashion!!! aww man those outfits are classic. everything from blue tights to high waters and outrageous print button downs. goos times. i wasnt alive then but you know i felt the magic. any way the movie was awesome, you should go see it, there was never a dull moment. and if you see it sit through the credits, gotta love that surprise ending.

wow im listening to the who now (peep them at the superbowl) thats how much ive been effected the movie.

so in cotinuation of true colors from yesterday, its time to shine on love, shine on.
let the sun reign in.

gold sparkly jellys,

silk stockings dress in gold,

bow clutch bag by pauls boutique,

knitted sequin jumper,

burberry metallic raincoat,

see by chloe, pleat pocket dress,

mini noe rococo,

can can ankle strap pump,

hexagonal metal cuff,

sephora by opi, worth my weight,

(not my fingers)
victor and rolf, eau mega set,

daily fashion tip_mascara. my mom bought this collasal volum' express mascara by maybelline and it is awesome. my lashes went for zero to sixty in one swipe. i was very impressed being that my lashes are short and sparse. but if you swipe some of this stuff on evrybody will be like hey batter batter!!


Friday, November 27, 2009

White Hot

so ive snapped. wait for it.................................wait for it................ its gonna happen any second now. there its
it is now five a clock. now your probably all thinking what the hell is wrong with her, well ill tell you.

i woke up this morning at four o clock so i could start shopping by at least five thirty. then i was informed that we wont be shopping until six. six!!!!!!!!! thats a whole hour that someone else has take those jeans that should belong to me and that shirt that would look awesome with the bag i bought just yesterday. but no. now its five oh one. i know your thinking, well six isnt so bad. but you dont know my family, six o'clock means we wont be leaving the house until six thirty if im lucky. we probably wont start drving to our destination until six fourty five. oh the humanity!!!!

so now you've seen my true colors. (*flashback here: glee sang true colors the other day.)
heres all the white things that i could be scoping right now, now that its five o four. but hey. no bitterness here.

fendi full cut-out cotton skirt,

halston cuff in white,

satin ecru tapered pant,

kimberly ovitz, marshall jumper in white,

azzaro, embellished halterneck gown,

chloe, silk-blend ruffle dress,

marc jacobs, camisole bow top,

army bag by pauls boutique,

stud fingerless leather gloves,

cluster stone necklace,

_right so it's now five thirty and no one other than me has gotten dressed or showered or even eaten yet.

lip, white mythic,

jonathan alder, salvador vase white,

dvf/hstern, sutra watch,

take me under your wing,

_its five thiry eight

street cred
_hello kitty nitendo ds. peep that.
_twilight, for wiii (holla!!)

daily tip_water bottle. save the enviroment for petes sake.

_it is now five fourty five

Thursday, November 26, 2009

More! More! More!

so ystrdy i did wat to wear with your shape its time to do what to wear for what you love!!!!!!!!!!
so it's time to get thankful for those little parts of your body that make you feel whole.

i <3 my butt
_bright, full mini. it shows off your hips, the volume accentuates your curves, and its cute.

i <3 my legs
_shiny leggings. their skintight so they immediately call attention and the metallic flash makes your legs look long and lean. just dont forget to wear seamless undies though.

i <3 my waist
_tie-waist sweater. the belt nips you just below the bust at your smallest part and if you do it in a bow you'll just be ever so sweet.

i <3 my bust.
_low cut jacket. the fitted jacket shows off your curves while the plunging neckline frames your ta tas in a subtle way. please, no boobies popping out over the place.

i <3 my wrist
_delicate bracelet. a small charm or dangly braclet will show of your the slimness of your wrist.

i <3 my hair
_headband. draw attention to your locks, short or long, with a decent head piece.

all of these items can be found on

street cred
_check what your fav designers will be feasting on this evening

_25% off h&m until 10:30 tmrw. peep that shawty.
_blake lively will host snl on december 5th.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rock Steady

so im all about working with what you got.
it's not like i have a choice, what with being extra longlegged and all that fun stuff. yet i realize that some people dont realize that they have choice when it comes to their clothing. if i could even describe to you the atroscities i see when im out about town. my oh my, people lack so much guidance. now i wont lie, somedays i can look rather frumpy. but im an exception because i know my options...i wonder if they do?

so here are some tips for the lot of ya.


_wear clothing thats a little lose. dont go oversized thought. clothing like that will swallow you. you dont want to end up drownding in a fur like rachel zoe. the only reason she can pull it off, is cause she's got attitude. you my dear, should stay away from the overlayerd boho.

_do something a little short with something a little tall. pair some shorts with some over the knee high boots. showing a little leg makes you look longer. no couchie cutters or daisy dukes though, those are inappropraite no matter your size. (bloomers are the shortest i will advocate.)

_wear ballet flats and skinny jeans that hit you right at the ankle. if your jeans drag or bunch up you look shorter than you are. trust me, it's something i used to do to make myself appear shorter all the time.

_try leggings over and oversized top and a fitted jacket over that. its the layering that will hide some of your curves and the fitted jacket that will make you even more hourglass shaped. you'll be walking down the street and folks will be like shes a brick house.

_wear a short dress. preferably dresses cut at the knee make you appear longer. stay away from maxidresses, maxi being the key word because we don't want you to appear as the maximum size possible.

_strapless dresses draw mor attention to your shoulders and arms which gives even more attention to your waist! the miracles of science, i know. tight yes, bandage no. it should highlight your curves not show off your tummy bulge (if you have one.)

ok, so this has straps, but you get the idea.
_above the knee!!!! now it took me a lot of time to embrace this idea but shorter things really do look better on my massive legs. keep skirts and dresses four to five inches above your knee. lower than your knee and you look dis-proportionately(spell check that, dont quote me yet) short.

_sleeves that are just a little longer than normal are great. they lengthen your arms which inturn lengthens your whole body. science, again. seek wrist length coverage.

_asymmetrical tops cut your body in half. in a good way. they draw a line from the shoulder to the hip.

now that you've been informed there are no excuses. renew your entire closet on friday. it will be worth it trust me, people will be like, "there's something different about you i just cant put my finger on it." just smile and say, "is that so?"

daily fashion tip_penny loafers. cause i said so. just kidding. their not so bad if you find some cool ones. think electric blue, animal print, buble gum pink, and sleek black. for the love of bob dont get them with tassels unless you can pull it off!!!!

street cred
_taylor lautner is on the cover of rolling stone.
_dakota fanning looking very glamorous in teen vogue
_check out fun.'s video all the pretty girls. its hilarious

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my, my metrocard

so i realized the other day that i've been supporting a dangerous epidemic. i want you to pick up the latest issue of teen vogue and read about the "balmainettes." it's an epidemic that i realize, has gone way to far. the strong shoulder, yes we love it, but the writer of the article is right!!! what good is a song played over and oveer again? a little black dress is only classic because you break it out for classic occasions...if you wore it everyday its not as special. now in the case of the "balmainettes" this barelegged, big shoulder, tight, black, dress, disease must stop!!! people control yourself. fashion only survives if everyone wears something different.... i response to this article i am refusing to support the "balmainettes." no more bigg shoulders...

on the other hand....
_ive started my black friday want list. you should too, after all, this friday and the day after christmas definetly constitue as a major reason to shop. i've already started my cupon clipping.........sike, i never clip cupons.

daily fashion tip_studs. no not the ones on jackets belts and possible everything else (well i hope not everything.) im mean the studs for your ears. im only saying this because i need new earrings. i keep losing mine. *tear.


Monday, November 23, 2009

put one foot in front of theee otherrr....

so ive been peeping a ton of people with funky walks. the sad thing is, they dont do it intentionly.
wake up people! edjumacte yourself on posture and what not. its just really sad. now i cant lie though, i have a pretty interesting walk too. .im rather tall so i try to walk in a straight line and then i pick up momentum and it's like im speed walking (i actually just have a really long stride.) but if i mess up the momentum i start to sway or i loose the rhythm in my walk. hey! nobodys perfect. but i do think a walk is something we could all improve upon.  take a look below

ok so i know wikihow is stupid but there is some method to the madness

i like this one alot. dont be bashfull if you recognize yourself in the vid below

now runway shows are probably the bestway to practice your walk. listen to the beat and try to match the rhythm of the model. but when you leave the house, don't act uppity. remeber, not every model has a good walk

i can only tell you so much with my speed walking swaying style so listen to mac daddy

last tip_be nonchalant. dont act snobby, smile, unless your actually on the runway. just be like "oh yea i do this all the time, whatchu talking bout willis?"

now practice dears try this slow one first and try to stay on rhythm, then do the nxt one...

i put that last one in so you could walk like a boss cause you run this!(confidence is wat im saying if you don't cath my drift.)

now go get em tiger.

daily fashion tip_an awesome playlist. below are ten of my new favorite songs. eac hone has a different rhythm and beat so play around and if you cant take all the walking just bust out and dance like no ones watching. its the funnest thing ever.

  1. my metro card                          le tigre
  2. say ahh                                     trey songz
  3. uprising                                     muse
  4. white deamon love song            the killers
  5. all the pretty girls                       fun.
  6. satelitte heart                            anya maria
  7. saturday night                           the noisettes
  8. bulletproof                                la roux
  9. listomania                                 phoenix
  10. tik tok                                      ke$ha
and your super duper bonus track is.......
money to blow                                 drake ft lil wayne and birdman (drakes part is the best wayne nd birdman need to go somewhere)

now i bet your wondering why i gave you songs well, its so you can practice how to walk like the fierce jungle cat you are. fellas you too. theres nothing more attractive than a guy with swag, that means no pimp walk. take a hint from chuck bass.


Sunday, November 22, 2009


daily fashion tip_aldo shoes. theyve got this whole diy thing going on with their boots thats gotten really big so try it.


soul suking destruction

sorry about that awful title. its how i feel at the moment.
i take art classes every saturday and this one was extremly un-productive. i feel down.
this goes out to all the broken hearted

street cred
_justin beiber, hes so cute so buy his cd. the first time i saw him i though the was eight. turns out hes pretty much my age. opps
_naked chocolate philadelphia, theyve got the best european hot coco. extra thick and rich. plus they have a ton of other goodies too

daily fashion tip_menswear suit. just buy one. i dont feel like explaining its significane to your wardrobe or daily life at the moment.


My life has been completed....

i just saw new moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(!to the infinity)
it was AWESOME. and you know it must be because i never use capital letters ever.
this is a public service announcement NEW MOON WAS AWESOME.

taylor lautner was shirtless the majority of the movie (girls just could not stop screaming but i guess im a hypocrit if i say that)
robert pattison still had perfectly un-perfect hair
the action was amazing the way the got the boys to morph into werewolfs
and of course, its a great story

so i've been thinking about how my hair is now at a standstill. yours dosent have to be so here are some winter hair styles big this year

the high bun

the plaits

the pompadour


street cred
_watch robert pattison trailer for his new movie remeber me
_i've become a fan of alexa chung cause its on (pun inteded) everyday at 3:30 on mtv
_yesterday was the premier of me and orson wells, peep zac efron

daily fashion tip_acid wash jeans. now now puppet calm down. yes they are back. nd i've realized their not so awful, as long as yu do not wear an acid wash shirt and acid wash shoes and acid wash hoodie and baseball cap with them. dont do the eighties thing either, that means no neon or birght rich colored hoodies and sweater. keep it simple. doll it up with a button down or a sequin tank.