Friday, October 30, 2009

Costume National

so im feeling better. i went outside today (three cheers for moi.)

so like i said yesterday i was watching the titanic and afterwards it hit me on just how important costume designers are. it is the language as well as the clothing in a movie that let us know when and where we are. if the hero in a pirate movie is wearing dolce and gabbana your like, wait a minute, this just doesnt seem right. however, if he's been covered in dirt, his coat tails ripped, shirt untucked, hair a mess, and he's got a cut on his arm, then everything clicks.

deborah l. scott_ this lovely lady has won an oscar and worked on just about thirty three movies (correct me if im wrong.) my favorites include et, titanic, wild wild west, and transformers 1&2. her designs are quite versatile and i mean you gotta love her for vamping up megan fox's look right?

eric daman and meredith markworth-pollack_this is the pair that merrily dresses my favorite upper eastsiders, the cast of gossip girl. the show, believe it or not, is actually alot better when you watch it without sound. wether you dig serenas roll out of bed beauty, blairs preppy perfection, jennys good girl gone bad, or vanessas' boho baby doll theres a style for everyone. let us not forget chuck bass, he could charm the pants of any one with one of his signature combos.

fabio toblini_ he's a costume designer for dance, opera, musical and theater productions. this man has a magic needle, i swear to bob he does.

adrian adolf greenberg_this man is by far the most famous american costume designer. he designed costumes for everthing from the wizard of oz to anna karenina and pride and prejudice. he did right by metro-goldwyn-mayer because an entire genration grew up watching his films and trying to dress like the lovely ladies he worked with. they include greta garbo, norma shearer, jeanette macdonald, jean harlow, katharine hepburn and joan crawford.

daily fashion tip_pen. you never know when your going to need to write something down. i find that keeping a pen in my bag makes it easy to remember spur of the moment things. of course, if you don't want scribble all over your hands i suggest you buy a note book. it's also helpful if u have a phone thats at the end of its life and you dont wanna give it to the daddy asking for your number....not that i would know.

xoxo_stella french

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