Saturday, October 31, 2009

Way to Wear

so lately alot of my friends are trying to, as they put it, "dress from inspiration." im still deciding how long this phase will last but nevertheless, here are someways to explore your own multiple personality disorder.

prep_white shirt or polo

(from left to right) moschino, pussybow cotton shirt, $216, visit and banana republic, fitten non-iron shirt, $59, see

tailored tweed

whitehouse/black market, embellished sweater jacket, $98, white house black and armani collezioni,  dotted tweed jacket, $1,095,

bright as day bag

micheal kors, roslyn tote, marine, $995, and coach, poppy tartan glam tote, $198

eighties revival_
wind breaker

american apparel, nylon taffeta wind breaker, $42 and check out the (there were just to manny to choose from i felt like if i chose one i was depraving you on account of being deprived...)


forever21, snow day hooded cardigan, $37.80 and marc jacobs, sweatshirt dress, $1,100,


micheal kors, cashmere cable sweater & neck warmer, $895 & $695 and urban outfitter, neon canvas lace up, $9.99.

daily fashion tip_flats. who says you have to be a ballet dancer to rock these shoes. they've been out for quite some time and my god! comfortable and cute holla back. i love the marc jacobs 2010 ones. so slip some on and take a bow.

xoxo_stella french

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