Saturday, October 3, 2009

Street Walker

yesterday i was watching the pirates of the caribbean three. oh dear god my love of pirates increses everytime i watch it. now, im no fan of johhny depp (i think hes a marvelous actor, hot? not so much) but his pirate talk is the saviest? i've watched the movie so many times but yesterday i discovered a new favorite scene. its at the very end when the east india trading companys ship is being destroyed after the whoorlpool scene. the main man, cant remember his name, has realized that the term "just buisness" swings bothh ways. so he walks down the steps towards the deck and in a beautiful moment of cinematography, the cannons blow the entire ship up behind him every time he takes a step another part of the ship explodes. then the entire ship is blown to bits, main man going with it. talk about down for the cause. how does this relate to fashion? military jackets, tailored, brass button, and those lovely wrist length sleeves. i wore the one i bought from h&m last year as a tribute. find your own and just go where ever the wind takes you. yo ho, yo ho, pirates life for me.

the balenciaga 2010 spring line is enough to get you talking. my favorite part of each of their collections? the shoes!!!! from tottering heels to this seasons open toed boots i remained stupified of the craftsman ship. this season they went for street appeal. lots of leather, lots of sheer. some of the pieces even have a play-doh look that surprsingly works. unlike the bloomer/nicker bottoms we've been seeing and the exposed lingere, nicholas ghesquière as pioneered yet again with a fierce as all get out sports wear straight leg pant!!!! all the pieces have an athletic feel but maintain the great construction we expect from balenciaga. check out look number 24 at its my favourite.

daily fashion tip_drapes. take a hint from ceaser and do the grecian thing. no im not talking about a toga party. there are hundreds of flattering drape styles out there this fall from skirts, dresses, to gowns. they enhance hour glass figures, hide love handles, and add curves where you never though you had them. helen of troy would be proud.

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