Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stomp The Yard

heyyy! so i have yet to fully recover but i am feeling much better then i did yesterday. thank god for chicken noodle soup. i think im entitled to stock in campbells after all the cans of their soup i downed yesterday.

anyhooo. today will be my thirty first blog so technically, this is my one month anneversarie of blogging because some months have thirtyone days right?

now i was going to rave on and on to you about louis vuitton and valentino, but i think i just might have something better; sneaker culture. now, i cant unmask to you the entire world of rubber sole collecting, pimped out graphics, and limited edition kicks in one blog, but i can share with you what i know about the world of high and mighty treaded soles.

converse_an american staple. thats all i really have to say. they are the badass dress up dress down shoe. the one shoe that even when the soles are flapping off and ur laces have chewed themselves, do not give up. i think they kind of body that "american" spirit. the idea that ur down for whatever but you do your own thing even when the odds are against you. in the shoes case this would of course be concrete, exterme weather, and dogs. go to and personalize ur own chucks for (red) the proceeds go tot aids funding. now, personally i have never owned a pair of chucks (see the thing is i wear a size twelve in womens, and chucks give me clown feet) but i am absolutely inlove with their ads. here is my favorite.

nike_just do it. what more motivation do you need then that. not only do they put out a kick ass shoe but the boast a ton of other things; athlete training. check out their ad with serena williams her rhymes are tight but her back hand is fierce. the company started in 1964 but was named nike in 1978 after the greek goddess of victory. so grab a pair and hop to it.

puma & adidas_call it a war call it a rivalry , but if you mess with a mans sneak you mess with him. this could never be more true as adidas and puma where founded by rivaling brothers. they started making shoes together in thier moms washroom in the 1920's then they fell out over their political diferences and set up shop on different sides of a river in southern germany. in 1948 when the brothers set up their seperate buisneses the town was split, if you worked for puma you where a puma man and if you worked for adidas, you better not be on the puma side of town. to this day tensions run high in the town, your best bet would be to visit wearing unbranded flipflops. its just a shame that adi and rudolf dassler never made up. i can say though, that i have a pair of navy pumas that are the shiznip. on the other hand, when i was in the six grade i got these stan smith adidas white with clear bottoms, you know i was fly. check out these...

daily fashion tip_personalize. help out a starving artist by giving them ur old kicks and asking them to doll you up a pair thats all you. i got my bff chels mula to do up my old adidas (the ones form sixth garde) and o golly wolly i do believe dmc wrote a song for me. sneaker sites have a way where you can coustomize ur own but giving a fresh new coat of paint to and old pair will do just fine, after all it is a recession.


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