Friday, October 30, 2009

Hot to Trot

immm alliveeee!!!!

so anyway i figured i fill you in on my little obsession_models.
yea i know everyone loves models, but there are a few i absolutely adore. i wouldnt call it stalking but i look for them in shows and when ever i see them in an editorial i squeal for joy. here are my top favorite muses.

chanel iman_ she is by far my favorite model. i first saw her when i started subscribing to teenvogue. she was on the cover with two other girls (who will be mentioned later) and now shes taken over the world. maybe its becasue there are very few african american female models who have made it big, but i think its my love of her stems from the fact that as part of the new generation she brings a new face (korean and black.) she also has fantasmical eyebrows, almond eyes, and a walk that would shame a jungle cat. here are some pics of her in spring shows this year;

karlie kloss_i <3 her. that is the best way to describe it. i also discovered her throught teen vogue. she's only seveteen and she for just about all my idols namely karl lagerfeld. shes got legs up to her frik frakin armpits and a vampire worthy stare. below are her flicks;

ali micheal_also teen vogue spotted. she had a tiny rift in her career over her weight but she steped up and talked about it. now shes back in the game with coach ads out the wizz-zow.

jordan dunn_graced this months teen vogue cover with chanel iman. i envy her skin i really do, its always shining. her eggo is preggo at the moment but she was still walking runways and gracing pages this fall.

tao okamoto_i feel in love with her haircut, its true. and im not the only one, an entire runway show (of course at this moment the designers name has slipped my mind) contained wigs fashioned after her do.

christy turlington_just call her the comeback kid (not kate moss comeback though.) she's really simply gracefull. her face has beautiful angularity and she's in shape as in goddess.

liya kebede_another shining skin heroin. she's an ethiopian super hero, take a look at her cause to prevent maternal and newborn child mortality at

coco rocha_i actually found her when they were still making cosmo girl. she's extremly pretty, like dark beau pretty. she has amazing movement in all her photos.

sasha pivovarova_russian model with angles in her face sharp enough to cut a diamond. gotta love that blond hair too.

agyness deyn_i fell in love with her close cut crop as well. shes got the boy meets girl look. very rock and roll very im a fifties house wife versatility. i absolutely adore her burberry campaigns.

daily fashion tip_ awesome secret panties (its not just victorias anymore .)think of them as an undercover superpower. take them out when you need a boost of confidence. no one has to know your wearing them but you know it, and that makes all the difference. so skrew all the model beauties, you've got something they dont have, undies that can take you from drab to fab. feeling cheeky yet?

xoxo_stella french

ps i remeber tao's runway phenom hair starter _ philip lim

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