Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life is a Show

bonsoir! i do believe the parisan spirit has taken hold of me today.

my show synopsis for you today is marc jacobs. i truly adore marc jacobs collections because he is fashion forward. some designers talk about their working brining the past into the future, yet, marc jacobs is one of the few who actually winks at the past and nods at the future at the same time. his fall collection was and eighties showdown. bright neons and leggings galore. if you think pat benatar is so yesterday think again. many designers for the fall have revisited the eighties because many of the new up and coming designers grew up in those times. no, it was no the grunge eighties marc gave us. he gave us the eighties of fab and glam and guarntee that no matter where you go, love is a battle feild and with an outfit like his, you must be on the winning side.

his spring collection screams a few words; ruffles, sheer, sparkle, pearl, and flats. I do not believe their was a heel in the entire show. you may think this odd, but these flats are not to be juged on their size but on the content of the simple flair. many people where siting the seventies in the softness of his collection but i think romance had the biggest effect on his ideals for spring. (romance is big for spring). he also showcased quite a few bloomers. no these are not to be worn under clothes their far to fabulous. the chloe 2009 spring show also show cased some bloomers and it seems liek under wear is making a come back. check out  the satin ones he pairs with sheer legings in a lilac, silver, and muave, ensemble known formaly as look number 35.

there is also some plaid. hint hint the youth of the east coast have become very fond of plaid  (i.e. my peers) and it proves that we knew something you didn't know. in the end, however, it seems that my favorite part of all of marc jacobs shows are his coats. a good trench is a good trench no matter how you style it and if you dont believe me take it up with sherlock.

daily fashion tip_vaseline. i can not tell you how many crusty crackly lips i have seen as the weather is getting colder. slap something on them please! burt bee's has fantastic lip balm and if u want to keep it simple stop by cvs and pick up a chapstick. even if you have tiny lips, or luscious full ones, remeber that crust belongs on pizza not your face.

xoxo_stella french

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Rose Door

good evening.

so flowers, they smell great. and dont give me that, i have allergies, you know you think their pretty.
well i like lanvin. no i cant afford a tibit of it but i think its pretty.

just a recap of their fall 09 collection; the colors stayed pretty dark and neutral. their was a lovely shock of red, a coat if im correct. yet, the black and darkness works for this collection because it compliments the hardware perfectly. im talking about the accessories my friends. hardware for day wear for night wear. its so big all you probably need to do is wear a trash bag and put your hair in a bun. (im kidding, you'd look like a total weirdo if you wore a trash bag and lanvin gems and bags.) you will definetly stop traffic. the clothes are world war reminiscent. the silhouetts date back to those hourglasses figures and the higher hemlines. the clothing is draped, ruched, ruffled, and strong. ohh and did i mention fur!?! i love fur! lets not forget that steaming sound track. fierce.

the resort collection however is light and flirty. long dresses. pajama shapes and flowers. birght colors and flowing shapes complete the look.

if there is one thing i can say for lanvin, its that no matter what collection alber elbaz put out, i always want one thing from each look. clothing lust, i thinks so.

daily fashion tip_are you feeling the chill yet? i certaintly am. if indian summers got you confused on wether to wear your summer stuff or pull out the fall goodies i've got you covered. remeber all those maxi dresses? well wear those with a wrap and some boots. who said you have to choose between seasons? take a hint from the beatles and come together.


Monday, September 28, 2009


im drawing blanks all over the place....

oh thats it blank!

daily fashion tip_try a spray on foundation. saves you time less blending. just squirt and go maybe dab on some lip gloss and a little mascara and your good to go.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lifes A Beach

karl has done it again. i'll explain later but at the moment i prefer to rant. where to begin; i'm so going to be a pirate for halloween, i'm going to try some dangerous smokey eye, nautica(not the brand) is my new look.
ok, i feel better now.
i'll start at the beginning, only because i love you, though.

i never watch fashion shows during fashion week. it may sound weird, but i am a student and fashion week is almost always the second week of the school year. i like to watch the shows, sitting. i hate those things that only show you the "looks" from the show. i want the whole production! the makeup, pictures of people in the front row, the music from the show, and those fierce model trots and poses.

that is what i got today  from watching the chanel 09/10 cruise fashion show.(i <3 chanel.) i would love to tell you what look i loved the most. (in order to do that, i would have to watch it many more times. thats what i'll do i'll watch it again.) i loved all the looks. all of them. even the mens wear, hey i can do the androgynous thing. everything was done beautifully. i may be biased because i love the beach and nautical colors, or because i have fawned over chanel since i was a tiny tot. nevertheless, go watch the show at,0
i promise you wont be sorry.
 p.s. my entire summer wardrobe is going to be  deep navy, white, rose, gold, translucent, and filled with lace. how could anyone not be inspired after watching a show like that?

i have also decided to try a black smokey eye but with purple and a gold lid. it maybe outrageous but i think the more unusual, the more expressive. (check out the lids at the chanel show,link above) who needs three feet long eyelash extensions when you can have lids of gold. talk about your buried treasure.

daily fashion tip_scarlet. little red riding hood must have known something no one else knew. red can be just as tasteful as any other color, if you where it correctly. it's daring and as such i am requesting, no, ordering you to go to the next all black party on your list, in a little red dress. same as black but theres no chance that you won't be turning heads as soon as your coat hits the floor. there's a she wolf in the closet....


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Remeber My Name


i saw fame today with my best friend.
i was more than mildly dissopointed. maybe i feel asleep and missed all the awesome parts. don't get me wrong the actors/actresses and preformers where beyond talented in their preformances but it lacked something. i  remeber the commercials where so exciting. dont let that fool you. its true that the art world is not a joke and that if you dont work you dont get anywhere. the movie portrayed this to the nines. but, i thought people saw movies to get away from this idea. documentaries are for realism (i cant wait for captalism a love story). again, great cast, horrible editor. the editors for this movie need to be black listed. possibly the director for letting them chop the film into such a... well you decide for yourself. just decide when it comes out on dvd.

on the fashion note. its getting chilly. pull out those scarves. and umbrellas. east coast falls are always a tad rainy.

daily fashion tip_lotion. keep mourstroized throught out the day with one of those travel lotions. no one likes to shake dry hands or dry anything for that matter. crusty just doesnt cut it. the little bottles of lotion are only 99cents so no excuses. the more you morstroize the raidiance in your skin will increase. and who could resist a glowing gal? touch and be touched.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Hometown Hero

it is, once again, designer friday!!!!

today my sights are set on one natalie chanin owner of alabama chanin. she's nomimee for the cfda/vogue fashion fund. if she's good enough for them, she's good enough for us. she was born in florance, alabama and got a degree in enviromental design from north carolina state university. shes made a few documentaries and is a self proclaimed "enthusiastic cook." in 2006 she launched alabama chanin to hold on to community and cultural american traditions. they make limited edition products for you and your home. all of the pieces are constructed by artist who live in and around florance, alabama. all the limited edition products are signed by the artist that created it. their motto says it all; "grown-to-sewn in (the) usa.

when you first look at the website you think, walmart maybe, but looking at the collections i just want to reach throught the computer and stroke the fabric. there is denim for days and all the pieces are crafted in that soft, traditional, anthropology feeling way. soft and startling; who knew one of a kind could be so wonderful.

speaking of soft. winter maybe a warm toned season but soft tones are all ways in season. its all about the romantic. flowers, pink suede, crepe de chein, and chiffon. dont forget those riding boots and bows folks. think english country side. less polo, more john keats.

daily fashion tip_an anthem. take anysong you love with a heavy beat and strong words to pump you up when your down. memorize it, sing it in the shower if you have to. play it in your head when you walk down the grocery aisle and when you need a quick pick up. stomp the ground like your on a runway. mj said it best, "pretty young thing...!"


Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Fangled Desire

stella here.

todays topic is the that which has been on the minds of people for centuries_vampires.

yes, they are everywhere, no they are not taking over. you, however, must admit their is something about creatures who are neither living nor dead, brooding, mysterious, and charming thats fasinating. oh, and they suck blood. in the case of twilight you've got edward cullen; a "vegitarian" vamp who only drinks the blood of animals. p.s. he's about more than a hundred years old and he looks seventeen, talk abotu a timeless beauty. there is also the star of the cw's vampire diaries; a brooding vamp who returns to his home town, falls in love with a girl that looks like his first love. oh, by the way, his crazed brother follows him, tormenting him at every corner, and trying to convince him to return to sucking the life out of humans. this might just get interesting. there is also hbo's true blood. a show i have yet to watch but it seems that everyone who has has nothing but gobs of information to share with me. i am, i will admit, slightly obsessed with the vampires. sherlock holmes is great but the mystery of a vampire is something that will always be in the back of your mind. dracula ain't got nothing on the fanged romances of today.

fashion week has been over for a while now. *tear. if you missed any of the shows go to and check them out. even better, go directly to the lines website and see if they have a video clip of their own show. think of it as a vip exclusive showing. just you and the clothes, you and the clothes.

daily fashion tip_red lips. in the spirit of vamping, of course. different reds work for different skin tones. go to a beauty store and ask them what colors they believe would work with your skin. dont get paranoid, beauty people are trained to know these things(just dont ask the desperate looking lady who looks like she needs a sale). alernative_ go out with your friends and ask them what they think looks best. no shiny stuff, only matte, this is not lipgloss ok, we want you to look like the blood sucking pin up you really re. work with me. in addition, clinique has a group of lipsticks that have supposedly been proven to brighten your teeth one shade. and for all you go getters, lip stains last long and don't smudge.keep it neat with a pencil the same shade as your lips in case some of the lipstick wears of. so what. in addition, clinique has a group of lipsticks that have supposedly been proven to give you a whiter smile(at least one shade). so what the heck, grin and bear it. after all, you are a man eater.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


daily fashion tip_confidence. unlike other things, it will never go out of style. just ask every person whos ever been in the books. though i don't condone bad behavior, those who behave seldom make history. but, the easiest way to keep from being forgotten, smile (ting), chin up, shoulders back, and put your best foot forward in everything you do.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


hey there, you. whoever you are.
it's me stella.

i've been feeling slightly inspired by prints. specifically animal. i don't know whats going on. first i wanted a faux fur vest and today i want leapord tights. call it jungle fever, but animals always in right? i mean, they where kinda around before us so why not pay tribute to that those other species we share the planet with. ps_there's animal print cardis, flats, heels, shirts, hats, gloves, dresses, and, of course, tights. but don't get carried away, your not jane from tarzan, deary.

another thing thats got me awwed... beth ditto. yup the outspoken musician of the band gossip. she is quite the bad ass. i never believed it when i heard someone could play a prada gig in their undies, but i have been proved wrong. sho nuff, she bares it all. check out her bands cd mussic for men.

daily fashion tip_a mirror. a mirror large and wide enough so that you can see your entire body. i don't care how much u hate ur love handles or your flat butt. when you walk out the house you need to be in tip top shape. sometimes i wonder if people look in the mirror before they leave the house. i mean, truly, honestly, truly, your hot. look at your self and smile sometimes, like madea says "smile at your self girl, just look in the mirror and go ting!" (no excuses ikea is always their for you)


Monday, September 21, 2009


i. am. so. tired.

looks like it's universe 2 (days i havent written) me 11. technically i'm winning but i seem to really be off my biscut at the moment. vitamin water focus, anyone?

it's monday. they truly suck. here are a few tips to keep from crashing liek a jet plane after the weekend,
drink water, eat every three hours (small portions people we are not trying to break belts here), wash your face and hands when you get home, and my favorite_take a nap before you eat.

it seems my shining light for waking up today is gossip girl.

daily fashion tip_it's the end of my all black reign. try emerald. no im not talking about the city in the wizard of oz. the color has a deep mysterious value (like in the nail polish i just bought). pick up a knitted emerald over sized scarf or a sparkling cocktail ring. oh, and what the heck pair it with a black wool jacket or coat (old habits die hard) your not in kansas anymore toto.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Camera Shy

day eleven.

i just saw the september issue the documentary today. it's just the best damn thing ever. i left smiling ear to ear. i almost clapped, cried, and i certaintly gasped quite a lot. without telling you to much i will let you know that it is a reality film. no, not reality like real housewives of atlanta. reality like, if someone just followed you with a camera, no editing. the movie chronicles the making of vogue'september issue 2007. mind boggiling. the camera film follows anna wintour, grace coddington, and andre talley leon in their important lines of work. if new york is where dreams are made then vogue is where they are broken, built up, assesed, and considered. either it's in or it's out and anna wintour is quite sure of all her convictions. the picture is absolutely beautiful. when it comes out on dvd it will be my most prized possesion. for anyone who does'nt think fashion is a serious buisness, tie them to a chair and make them watch this film. fashion is not all fun and games. it's tough as nails and sacrafice is the only way to make it. no sacrafice, no reward, and in fashion, the reward is always beautiful.

film and fashion have always gone hand and hand. film stars are fashion stars. celebrities have always influenced what we choose to wear. audrey hepburn is one of my favorite film stars. check her out in brekfast at tiffanys and my favorite black and white movie (not counting the suave casablanca) is her feature roman holiday. she proves that style is beyond legend, it's epic.

fur. its a controversial issue but it definetly hints at that luxurious sophisticated ideal. its quite romantic and adult but serious and important. im not quite a fan of real fur but i guarentee that i will be purchasing a faux fur vest this week. its an essential and im all about essentials.

daily fashion tip_a black v neck sweater. it is both simple and warm. it's also great for carrying off an arm full of bracelets or a necklace thats the central point of your outfit. like i said before, black is back.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Hot Topic

omg! it's my tenth day of blogging!

guess what people, it's designer friday! todays' shining star is (insert drum roll here) michelle smith creator of milly by michelle smith. michelle smith was intrested in fashion at an early age so she followed her heart and attended new yorks' fashion institute of technology. she was exspecially intrested in european luxry goods so she worked at hermes part-time in manhattan. when she graduated she wrote a letter to hermes' presidnet and became the first american to be sent to paris for an internship by the brand. in paris she went to esmod, interned at louis vuitton, torrente, and christian dior haute coture. when she got home of course she formulated a brand that was, as she puts it, "synonymous with feminity and luxury..." gwyneth paltrow, and beyonce are two of the many famous coustomers that have rocked her designs. her clothing is only sold at bergdof goodman, neiman marcus, saks fifth avenue, selfridges, and barneys new york in japan. my favourites from her fall 09 collection are the wool elbow sleeve coat in a charcoal texture, a wool swing jacket, and a peakcock patterned dress. her resort collection has a coral barra cotton jacquard swing jacket and matching chain skirt. as for spring, miss thing brought out the preppy with a navy anchor chain cotton jacquard sailor dress. thats what good clothings all about.

on another note, what's a good outfit if you smell bad? sorry to be so outright about it, but if your funky, no outfit can hide it. only people in sweat pants or those excersising have an excuse. it's been found that the best way to cover a bad bo is a good fragrance. sure, there are tons of them, but when you find the right, one you'll know. if it's out of your budget, forget the price, just think of cost per wear value. if you wear it every day your hard earned cash won't be spent in vain. check out magazines for those fragrance pull outs and don't be afraid to rub them on your wrist for a test drive. the best fragrance is the one that makes you feel time has stopped and your mouth is watering. d&g has come out with a collection of fragrances, all of them are unisex fragrances, but they all have unique fragrance notes. my favorite, 18 la lune, smells like " hypnotizing white florals nestle agains an intriguing base of the softest, most exquisite pale leather. an envolopingly hypnotic lily and tuberose heart rests upon a textured base of sandalwood, musk, orris, and white leather. subtle, mysterious, utterly alluring." if descriptions like that don't make you want to buy a fragrance, then pop into your friendly macy's or sephora and tell the woman at the counter what you like and what your looking for. a good fragrance is like a good relationship, it should get better as the day goes by.

fashion tip_a hat. everywoman needs a hat. if you dont wear it all the time thats fine. but you need a hat. you might think ther for old ladies, but some hats can be pretty cool. berets, cloches, bowlers, fedoras, you name it. the hat is back. their great for keeping hair in place on windy days and they make you ten times cooler, cause lets be honest, only the suave rock head pieces.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Got The Right Fit Baby

today we're gonna talk about jeans. that's right, those fantasmical dress up, dress down, wear till they rip and fade, life long friends.

gap has come out with an entire line of jeans called 1969 premium jeans. u cant open a single magazine without seeing a pullout ad of them. patrick robinson, gaps executive vice president of design, says that they've dedicate themselves to perfecting a variety of their iconic shapes, for men and women. the fits include the always skinny, real straight, and sexy boot. they come in varying rinses and washes, lets not forget sizes. how much you ask, under sixty dollars. just call it new vintage on a budget.

their are so many ways to wear denim, that i'll just list a few_
skinny, boot cut, straight, bleached, dark, light, faded, pleated, overalls, shorts, jackets, vest, and jumpsuits. but i bet you never thought of shoes, now did you? well emlio pucci has created  a knee high denim boot. walk tall honey.

daily fashion tip_this seson pick up a denim jacket. make sure it fits your body type. if it's too tight or too loose you'll look grubby. pair it with some skinny jeans or some wide legs. wear it too look grungr chic or make it flirty with a floral dress. and if you end up not being able to take it off, pair it with a chunky knit scarf and hat when the winds pick up.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


hey. this is gonna be short.

daily fashion tip_this technically isnt all black, but it's in black and white so it counts for today. subsribe to a magazine. start small but dont underestimate your abillity to catch on. wwd is perfect for every one. vogue, elle, marie claire, w, heck just buy the entire conde nast building.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Bad

i totally messed up. i forgot to post yesterday. even thought no one seems to be reading my blog yet, i still promised my self i would write for 365 days. it just seems that now they wont all be in a row. i realize excuses are the tools of the incompetent ( a quote from my eight grade english teacher) but i was occupied. so to make up for my fault I'm going to relate the very thing that detained me, to fashion; television. that's right. all my favorite shows and movies, every monday.(this goes out to my boo-ky bart simpson{eat my shorts})

weekend re-cap_ i just want to say that what is known as the most boring night on television, (this excludes all sport related events) is now the historic topic discussion of the next week and possibly decade. the vmas. props to lady gaga for her handsome date, kermit the frog, taylor swift, for rocking the subway, greenday, for crowd surfing on stage, and last but not least, jay-z, for appearing in a fashion only he could, rolling up before the show ends in baggy jeans, leather vest, ray bans, and a yankees cap. hats off to you.

but despite all these precious moments, including dying on stage courtesy of lady gaga, where overshadowed by kanye west. i like kanye, i really do, i think hes an excellent musician. i realize that those who behave seldom make history( another quote) but respect is never to be broken. taylor swift won the award because america voted, and they voted for her primarily. if kanye didn't like that he could have saved his comments for after the show. if he had won and someone told him that fifty cent had the best video of the year, he would have went off. katy perry said on twitter "FUCK YOU KANYE. IT'S LIKE YOU STEPPED ON A KITTEN."
her words not mine.

but for the record. everyone at the vmas was dressed to the ts. alica keys with her sparkling leggings, taylor swift with that scarlet flirty dress, and taylor lautner with his finely tailored suit. no pun intended.

what held me last night was gossip girl. more on that tomorrow but for everyone who watched_who designed that gorgeous peach dress serena wore to the polo match? to die for!!! it was literally beautiful. and blair brought it down with that gold, embroidered dress. jenny wore what i believe is missioni at the beginning of the show, dan rocked his dior suit at the polo match, and vanessa is always hot in whatever she dons with those bo-ho curls. thank god anna sui has that line for target. now the rest of us can be just as fantasmical as the shows characters.

daily fashion tip_headbands. they work for even the shortest hair. (shaved and close cut heads are an exception i suggest large earring) i recently purchased a black bow head band. not to big not to small, just right for my bobbed hair. urban outfitters has been putting out these really funky rose headbands made from zippers, they also have tons of feathery ones as well. so go make blair proud. sport that headband like you rule the upper east side, or whatever side your from. you know you love me.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Daughters of Anarchy

hello. stella here.

if you ever had the dream to become a bad ass biker chick, now is the time. you don't even need a hog. everywhere leather and studs are returning. in the jay z, kanye west, and rihanna music video for "run this town" rhianna sports studded shades by one kerin rose. they are deliriously fantasmical, even if you can't see them. michael kors has a whole group of chain necklaces in gold and silver. don't even get me started on louis vuitton. they've got chain necklaces as well, but each of their links is covered in studs. get them while their hot, belts, fingerless gloves, jackets, zip up boots, and even eye wear. bedazzling not allowed.

swatch is notorious for its timeless watches and swiss army knives. twenty years ago they snagged keith haring, notorious graffiti artist, to tag their plastic straps with mini murals. now they've enlisted mural painter billy the artist. the graphic designs allow you to accessorize your wrist without weighing it own with bangles and you wont have to pull out your cell every five minutes to check the time.

daily fashion tip_shades. your going to need them in order to see into that bright future of yours. it doesn't even have to be sunny. it could be drizzling, cold, and your wearing a scarf; it wont matter because the right shades will make you look like more than a star, you'll be a whole constellation. aviators are great for oval faces, round frames for circle faces, and large frames (as long as their not to large) can look great on anyone. mysterious, i think so. now go make anna wintour proud.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can't Get No Satisfaction

it late but i said i would do this everyday for a year and i'm sticking to it.

today dear friend i ventured to nyc. originally i was to attend the academy of art institute fashion show, however, poor planning on their part left no tickets for those of us who rsvp'd two months ago. but what can you do?

so instead i walked around, visited a few stores, and got a fantastic tote.
ysl was giving out totes for their manifesto line. the it girl christy turlington, wears the clothing like she was born in it. leather jumpsuits, 105 mm heels, and second skin everything. god bless ysl.

daily fashion tip_black eyeliner, not to thick, not to smudged. keep it clean with a fresh face and pale lip and you be the hottest doll around. for a little shock try a red lipstick for the 1940's cat appeal. meowww.


Friday, September 11, 2009

I Like What You Got

ello love.
to day is designated designer friday, yeah!

time to meet rachel roy. the california native went to new york and gained an internship from rocawear. she started at the very bottom and eventually the creative director overseeing seven licences and running the design department and teams for all of rocawear juniors and girls. in 2004 she started her own line rachel roy and it had a glorious debut spring 2005. in 2007 she appeared on oprah and was inducted into the cfda(council of fashion designers of america). in 2008 she created a joint venture with jones apparel group inc. this year she she announced a jewelry collaboration with estelle and opened a special pop up shop in soho this month. now, rachel rachel roy, her line supported by jones apparel group, is available exclusively at macy's this very instant!! its lower budget collection and the clothes are youthful and edgy. the star pieces include a perfect leather bomber, bohemian fur vest, studded handbags, and neon purple skinny jeans. the most expensive item is $299 so frugalistas rejoice. key pieces and guilt free prices...ain't nothing wrong with that.

word on the street_fashions night out was a success. designers, photographers, muses, and models took over the streets. pop up shops, guest appearances, a clothing drive, and delicious treats, what more could you ask?

daily fashion tip_its been kinda rainy lately. like torrential winds and freezing cold temperatures. what ever happened to indian summer? some say it got sent to a reservation but that's a debate for another day. in order to combat the wind and the rain i've armed you with the trench. black and tan are the way to go sherlock, word on the street is gap has the simplest, durable cuts( i know i love my black, knee-length, double-breasted trench.) for flair try a graffiti trench from rachel rachel roy. it's investment piece.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Short Stacks (are back)

september tenth.

for those of you in the five boroughs i hope your spending because fashion's night out won't be a success with out you.

they say big thing come in small packages and i hope their right, for tyra banks sake of course. last night was the premier of cycle thirteen of her infamous america's next top model. however, this season all of the competitors are under five foot seven. good for them. the shortest girl is five three. but the old saying is quite right because some of these girls are just as fierce as the tall ones. and lets not forget the real reasons everyone tunes in; the jay's, tears, fights, and fashion. may i just say, that the jay's are gorgeous. their are very few men out their who can pull of lip gloss and foundation flawlessly, and they do so with pride. if only they could teach the rest off us their technique. as for the tears, sadly, there were none, well at least not enough. of course when girls cry the blubber incomprehensibly, but i was waiting for the makeover tears. sadly none arrived, looks like this little group of shorties is just to thrilled to let the tiny, excuse the unintended pun, things bother them. if only us big people could be mature that way. so far no drama thought their was one oddly chill girl and one girl crazed with jesus, but hey, it is what it is. as for fashion, last night the entire country got a treat when they discovered that chanel iman was a guest judge. at least, it was a treat for me. she is absolutely gorgeous, and her walk is fierce as a cats. she is one of my favorite models. in fact, my first issue of teen vogue had her on the cover.

side note_lisa (the first to be eliminated) had flawless eyebrows. maybe its time for all of us to switch to threading?

as for the rest of the fashion world, take note. this fall its all about the eighties? why you ask(no saved by the bell is not staging a come back) well it seems that the new crop of young designers all grew up during those golden years. it's true that history repeats it self but a definite flash back is those big bold shoulders. and you thought shoulder pads were so yesterday. wrong. i only have one request for the soon to be heads of the fashion world. don't bring acid wash jeans back. skinnies look great but there's just something about that excessive bleach that makes everyone want to hurl.

daily fashion tip_a black motorcycle jacket will do you justice. if its not your thing, try to resit one lined with shearling, it will keep you warm. its the tough chic vibe, but if you like splenda sweeten it with a flirty top and your shrunken leather masterpiece will go where ever you go. take a hint from james dean; young and reckless never goes out of style.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Designated Splurge

hello again. its me, stella.

today's important matter is tomorrows historic feat:
i'm screaming inside in case you couldn't tell. september tenth is new york's official guilt free splurge initiative. the fashion industry supports thousands of jobs and lets face it people, if we don't shop the get fired! then designers would have to cut back, stores, would close, lines might just be reduced, and the end of the world would be near. not literally of course but a world without shopping, would be just horrid. even if you cant make the event, go shopping anyway! hell, just check out the psa @

its sure to get you motivated.

i won't lie, the designers i love and adore are the ones i can't afford. but there are so many of them with wonderful products that i cant resist. so once a year i splurge and buy an object i don't need but want (is there any other type of object?) last year i bought chanel lip gloss. this year i'm meditating over miss dior cherie and a marc jacobs headband. accessories and beauty buys are the best splurges because they can with stand they can dress up or down an outfit and they with stand the seasonal changes in style. plus, perfume makes you smell irresistible.

daily fashion tip_little black dress. i may not have been the first person to tell you this but a little black dress is always in style, always sexy, and always the essential wardrobe piece. its versatile and if it fits you right, girl honey chile, you'll be the baddest carbon based unit walking. wear it with a jacket during the day for work appropriate and jazz it up with a unique clutch at night.

p.s. i'm feeling dangerous now that fall is back so all the fashion tips from now on are going to be in black. black is back.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Digs

so here i am.
lets just consider this my little not so after school activity.

the challenge_365 day of delivering fashion
the challenger_stella french

it seems in my infinite quest to end my boredom i find myslef writing this blog. but it's not just about the boredom, i'm a fashion addict. a fashion addict who always seems to end up with a shortage of people who share my enthusiasm. actually, the farthest my friends have come to high fashion is the juicy coture store.

let this be stated now, velour sweat pants don' look good on anyone
sweat suits should only be worn by the sweating hence athletes and athletes only.

so it seems i now have to turn to complete strangers to vent my excitement. let' get started.

this week is fashion week. the star in my distant dreams. fashion week in new york host the fall collections of all the prominent designers and the up and coming style makers. its for the lookers and shakers and only the best dressed and the most unique. but never fear puppet, fo rif you cant seem to score a ticket to the event, like my self, or u fit none of the above catogories, trust that will never fail you. many a time i have ventured to this site to preview the collections of designers from a to z.

todays style tip_if your not into the leggings trip(which ps make long legs look even longer) then try some tights. funky or simple you can wear them under tailored shorts with booties or wear them to work with a fantastic skirt and stacked heels. in the words of tim from project runway"make it work."