Saturday, October 31, 2009

Characters Welcome

the best halloween costume is not store bought. i can assure that fifty million women have also decided to be maids, bunnies, polices, pirates, and strippers and any other store bought costume that requires as little fabric as possible. please, if i may, steer you towards decency, take a look at my favorite costumes below and see what you can do with what you already have in a quick i just realized today was halloween type way. they may look bland at first but they too have multiple personalities.

cat_ tail, ears, eyeliner, and black leather (the new black leather shorts will just be darling i found some at h&m that made me squeal.), cat deluxe set ; eyeliner tutorial from youtube, ; and mike and chris, jake leather shorts,

detective_trecnh coat, magnifying glass, righteous tipping hat or sexy messy bun.

i bought my trench at the gap but a second hand store will carry a ton of them; dollar store; target, felt fedora with peacock feather; slightly tease the hair, just enough to create texture. once the hair is prepped, gently brush it back, leaving you without a part. place the bun at the nape of the neck - a low bun is always flattering. To hold the bun in place, use a hair-tie or bobbi pins to secure.

vampire_teeth, dark lips, tousled hair, and the smokey eye of death.

walgreens, custom vampire fangs in coffin; try chanel noir collection or sephora (tip: if u ask them to try a look and they'll do it on you for free!!!); and one inch curlin iron, take even sections of hair and wrap around iron as if making a spiral curl, then unravel, run fingers through hair and shake your head like a rock star.

daily fashion tip_black nail polish. why of course, for your pretty nails, my dear. mwah hahahahahaha!!!

xoxo_stella french

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