Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rise of the Cobra

good evening ladies and gentlemen.

i just want to have a huge round of applause for alexander mcqueen (insert your applause here.)
i saw his show yesterday and after being mind bloggled to a point where i could not condense the information, i decided to write on it today. packed was the word, the air was sparky and it was a production if i ever saw one. ap-perently the site that was supposed to stream the show live, crashed. it's up and running now, but my goodness it was just electric.

snake scale replications, heels liek pointed toe ballerina feet, and hair liek fangs! the mans a dreamweaver because the show was cosmic. before the final run through people where clapping. that is a good show. all the dresses where short with reptile prints the colors change from green, brown, and blue shades that complimented the construction of each garment. fantabulous!!!!! i've put in some of my favorite looks for your viewing pleasure.

p.s. tmrw i will be giving you my thoughts on chanel, chloe, and valentino. get ready for a whole new world.

daily fashion tip_list. now everyone lieks to splurge but as your friend i want you to write a list of things you want for this spring. everything from furniture to clothing to a promotion or kick ass report card or vacation. write it down. then mark the things you already have in green (try higlighter), the things you want in red, and then circle the things you can make happen. as you get each thing done check it off. it's an it list for an it girl.


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