Friday, October 2, 2009

New Found Glory

so i've decided that your oldde enough to wlak on your own too feet. so today, your going to find your own new designer. it's time to go discovery channel on these fools so get exploring dora!!

daily fashion tip_treaded soul. yes the emo hipster writer thing is very attractive at the moment but im talking about this mirage of heel/boots that have been cloaking feet everywhere. in the spirit of adventurism, try a pair on. manolo blahnik has a pair with "lux-industrious lizard skin" vogue. even if your not excavating in egypt, these boots are flirtatious enough to be pretty but tough enough for the concrete jungle. take the hint from rosemary clooney and get to walking.

p.s. im gonna start adding picture! well i'll try. wish me luck

p.p.s. check out some of the blogs i follow. its a big world out there.

xoxo_stella french

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