Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life is a Show

bonsoir! i do believe the parisan spirit has taken hold of me today.

my show synopsis for you today is marc jacobs. i truly adore marc jacobs collections because he is fashion forward. some designers talk about their working brining the past into the future, yet, marc jacobs is one of the few who actually winks at the past and nods at the future at the same time. his fall collection was and eighties showdown. bright neons and leggings galore. if you think pat benatar is so yesterday think again. many designers for the fall have revisited the eighties because many of the new up and coming designers grew up in those times. no, it was no the grunge eighties marc gave us. he gave us the eighties of fab and glam and guarntee that no matter where you go, love is a battle feild and with an outfit like his, you must be on the winning side.

his spring collection screams a few words; ruffles, sheer, sparkle, pearl, and flats. I do not believe their was a heel in the entire show. you may think this odd, but these flats are not to be juged on their size but on the content of the simple flair. many people where siting the seventies in the softness of his collection but i think romance had the biggest effect on his ideals for spring. (romance is big for spring). he also showcased quite a few bloomers. no these are not to be worn under clothes their far to fabulous. the chloe 2009 spring show also show cased some bloomers and it seems liek under wear is making a come back. check out  the satin ones he pairs with sheer legings in a lilac, silver, and muave, ensemble known formaly as look number 35.

there is also some plaid. hint hint the youth of the east coast have become very fond of plaid  (i.e. my peers) and it proves that we knew something you didn't know. in the end, however, it seems that my favorite part of all of marc jacobs shows are his coats. a good trench is a good trench no matter how you style it and if you dont believe me take it up with sherlock.

daily fashion tip_vaseline. i can not tell you how many crusty crackly lips i have seen as the weather is getting colder. slap something on them please! burt bee's has fantastic lip balm and if u want to keep it simple stop by cvs and pick up a chapstick. even if you have tiny lips, or luscious full ones, remeber that crust belongs on pizza not your face.

xoxo_stella french

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