Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Digs

so here i am.
lets just consider this my little not so after school activity.

the challenge_365 day of delivering fashion
the challenger_stella french

it seems in my infinite quest to end my boredom i find myslef writing this blog. but it's not just about the boredom, i'm a fashion addict. a fashion addict who always seems to end up with a shortage of people who share my enthusiasm. actually, the farthest my friends have come to high fashion is the juicy coture store.

let this be stated now, velour sweat pants don' look good on anyone
sweat suits should only be worn by the sweating hence athletes and athletes only.

so it seems i now have to turn to complete strangers to vent my excitement. let' get started.

this week is fashion week. the star in my distant dreams. fashion week in new york host the fall collections of all the prominent designers and the up and coming style makers. its for the lookers and shakers and only the best dressed and the most unique. but never fear puppet, fo rif you cant seem to score a ticket to the event, like my self, or u fit none of the above catogories, trust that style.com will never fail you. many a time i have ventured to this site to preview the collections of designers from a to z.

todays style tip_if your not into the leggings trip(which ps make long legs look even longer) then try some tights. funky or simple you can wear them under tailored shorts with booties or wear them to work with a fantastic skirt and stacked heels. in the words of tim from project runway"make it work."


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