Saturday, September 19, 2009

Camera Shy

day eleven.

i just saw the september issue the documentary today. it's just the best damn thing ever. i left smiling ear to ear. i almost clapped, cried, and i certaintly gasped quite a lot. without telling you to much i will let you know that it is a reality film. no, not reality like real housewives of atlanta. reality like, if someone just followed you with a camera, no editing. the movie chronicles the making of vogue'september issue 2007. mind boggiling. the camera film follows anna wintour, grace coddington, and andre talley leon in their important lines of work. if new york is where dreams are made then vogue is where they are broken, built up, assesed, and considered. either it's in or it's out and anna wintour is quite sure of all her convictions. the picture is absolutely beautiful. when it comes out on dvd it will be my most prized possesion. for anyone who does'nt think fashion is a serious buisness, tie them to a chair and make them watch this film. fashion is not all fun and games. it's tough as nails and sacrafice is the only way to make it. no sacrafice, no reward, and in fashion, the reward is always beautiful.

film and fashion have always gone hand and hand. film stars are fashion stars. celebrities have always influenced what we choose to wear. audrey hepburn is one of my favorite film stars. check her out in brekfast at tiffanys and my favorite black and white movie (not counting the suave casablanca) is her feature roman holiday. she proves that style is beyond legend, it's epic.

fur. its a controversial issue but it definetly hints at that luxurious sophisticated ideal. its quite romantic and adult but serious and important. im not quite a fan of real fur but i guarentee that i will be purchasing a faux fur vest this week. its an essential and im all about essentials.

daily fashion tip_a black v neck sweater. it is both simple and warm. it's also great for carrying off an arm full of bracelets or a necklace thats the central point of your outfit. like i said before, black is back.


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