Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Designated Splurge

hello again. its me, stella.

today's important matter is tomorrows historic feat:
i'm screaming inside in case you couldn't tell. september tenth is new york's official guilt free splurge initiative. the fashion industry supports thousands of jobs and lets face it people, if we don't shop the get fired! then designers would have to cut back, stores, would close, lines might just be reduced, and the end of the world would be near. not literally of course but a world without shopping, would be just horrid. even if you cant make the event, go shopping anyway! hell, just check out the psa @

its sure to get you motivated.

i won't lie, the designers i love and adore are the ones i can't afford. but there are so many of them with wonderful products that i cant resist. so once a year i splurge and buy an object i don't need but want (is there any other type of object?) last year i bought chanel lip gloss. this year i'm meditating over miss dior cherie and a marc jacobs headband. accessories and beauty buys are the best splurges because they can with stand they can dress up or down an outfit and they with stand the seasonal changes in style. plus, perfume makes you smell irresistible.

daily fashion tip_little black dress. i may not have been the first person to tell you this but a little black dress is always in style, always sexy, and always the essential wardrobe piece. its versatile and if it fits you right, girl honey chile, you'll be the baddest carbon based unit walking. wear it with a jacket during the day for work appropriate and jazz it up with a unique clutch at night.

p.s. i'm feeling dangerous now that fall is back so all the fashion tips from now on are going to be in black. black is back.


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