Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Fangled Desire

stella here.

todays topic is the that which has been on the minds of people for centuries_vampires.

yes, they are everywhere, no they are not taking over. you, however, must admit their is something about creatures who are neither living nor dead, brooding, mysterious, and charming thats fasinating. oh, and they suck blood. in the case of twilight you've got edward cullen; a "vegitarian" vamp who only drinks the blood of animals. p.s. he's about more than a hundred years old and he looks seventeen, talk abotu a timeless beauty. there is also the star of the cw's vampire diaries; a brooding vamp who returns to his home town, falls in love with a girl that looks like his first love. oh, by the way, his crazed brother follows him, tormenting him at every corner, and trying to convince him to return to sucking the life out of humans. this might just get interesting. there is also hbo's true blood. a show i have yet to watch but it seems that everyone who has has nothing but gobs of information to share with me. i am, i will admit, slightly obsessed with the vampires. sherlock holmes is great but the mystery of a vampire is something that will always be in the back of your mind. dracula ain't got nothing on the fanged romances of today.

fashion week has been over for a while now. *tear. if you missed any of the shows go to and check them out. even better, go directly to the lines website and see if they have a video clip of their own show. think of it as a vip exclusive showing. just you and the clothes, you and the clothes.

daily fashion tip_red lips. in the spirit of vamping, of course. different reds work for different skin tones. go to a beauty store and ask them what colors they believe would work with your skin. dont get paranoid, beauty people are trained to know these things(just dont ask the desperate looking lady who looks like she needs a sale). alernative_ go out with your friends and ask them what they think looks best. no shiny stuff, only matte, this is not lipgloss ok, we want you to look like the blood sucking pin up you really re. work with me. in addition, clinique has a group of lipsticks that have supposedly been proven to brighten your teeth one shade. and for all you go getters, lip stains last long and don't smudge.keep it neat with a pencil the same shade as your lips in case some of the lipstick wears of. so what. in addition, clinique has a group of lipsticks that have supposedly been proven to give you a whiter smile(at least one shade). so what the heck, grin and bear it. after all, you are a man eater.


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