Sunday, September 13, 2009

Daughters of Anarchy

hello. stella here.

if you ever had the dream to become a bad ass biker chick, now is the time. you don't even need a hog. everywhere leather and studs are returning. in the jay z, kanye west, and rihanna music video for "run this town" rhianna sports studded shades by one kerin rose. they are deliriously fantasmical, even if you can't see them. michael kors has a whole group of chain necklaces in gold and silver. don't even get me started on louis vuitton. they've got chain necklaces as well, but each of their links is covered in studs. get them while their hot, belts, fingerless gloves, jackets, zip up boots, and even eye wear. bedazzling not allowed.

swatch is notorious for its timeless watches and swiss army knives. twenty years ago they snagged keith haring, notorious graffiti artist, to tag their plastic straps with mini murals. now they've enlisted mural painter billy the artist. the graphic designs allow you to accessorize your wrist without weighing it own with bangles and you wont have to pull out your cell every five minutes to check the time.

daily fashion tip_shades. your going to need them in order to see into that bright future of yours. it doesn't even have to be sunny. it could be drizzling, cold, and your wearing a scarf; it wont matter because the right shades will make you look like more than a star, you'll be a whole constellation. aviators are great for oval faces, round frames for circle faces, and large frames (as long as their not to large) can look great on anyone. mysterious, i think so. now go make anna wintour proud.


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