Friday, September 25, 2009

Hometown Hero

it is, once again, designer friday!!!!

today my sights are set on one natalie chanin owner of alabama chanin. she's nomimee for the cfda/vogue fashion fund. if she's good enough for them, she's good enough for us. she was born in florance, alabama and got a degree in enviromental design from north carolina state university. shes made a few documentaries and is a self proclaimed "enthusiastic cook." in 2006 she launched alabama chanin to hold on to community and cultural american traditions. they make limited edition products for you and your home. all of the pieces are constructed by artist who live in and around florance, alabama. all the limited edition products are signed by the artist that created it. their motto says it all; "grown-to-sewn in (the) usa.

when you first look at the website you think, walmart maybe, but looking at the collections i just want to reach throught the computer and stroke the fabric. there is denim for days and all the pieces are crafted in that soft, traditional, anthropology feeling way. soft and startling; who knew one of a kind could be so wonderful.

speaking of soft. winter maybe a warm toned season but soft tones are all ways in season. its all about the romantic. flowers, pink suede, crepe de chein, and chiffon. dont forget those riding boots and bows folks. think english country side. less polo, more john keats.

daily fashion tip_an anthem. take anysong you love with a heavy beat and strong words to pump you up when your down. memorize it, sing it in the shower if you have to. play it in your head when you walk down the grocery aisle and when you need a quick pick up. stomp the ground like your on a runway. mj said it best, "pretty young thing...!"


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