Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lifes A Beach

karl has done it again. i'll explain later but at the moment i prefer to rant. where to begin; i'm so going to be a pirate for halloween, i'm going to try some dangerous smokey eye, nautica(not the brand) is my new look.
ok, i feel better now.
i'll start at the beginning, only because i love you, though.

i never watch fashion shows during fashion week. it may sound weird, but i am a student and fashion week is almost always the second week of the school year. i like to watch the shows, sitting. i hate those things that only show you the "looks" from the show. i want the whole production! the makeup, pictures of people in the front row, the music from the show, and those fierce model trots and poses.

that is what i got today  from watching the chanel 09/10 cruise fashion show.(i <3 chanel.) i would love to tell you what look i loved the most. (in order to do that, i would have to watch it many more times. thats what i'll do i'll watch it again.) i loved all the looks. all of them. even the mens wear, hey i can do the androgynous thing. everything was done beautifully. i may be biased because i love the beach and nautical colors, or because i have fawned over chanel since i was a tiny tot. nevertheless, go watch the show at,0
i promise you wont be sorry.
 p.s. my entire summer wardrobe is going to be  deep navy, white, rose, gold, translucent, and filled with lace. how could anyone not be inspired after watching a show like that?

i have also decided to try a black smokey eye but with purple and a gold lid. it maybe outrageous but i think the more unusual, the more expressive. (check out the lids at the chanel show,link above) who needs three feet long eyelash extensions when you can have lids of gold. talk about your buried treasure.

daily fashion tip_scarlet. little red riding hood must have known something no one else knew. red can be just as tasteful as any other color, if you where it correctly. it's daring and as such i am requesting, no, ordering you to go to the next all black party on your list, in a little red dress. same as black but theres no chance that you won't be turning heads as soon as your coat hits the floor. there's a she wolf in the closet....


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