Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Got The Right Fit Baby

today we're gonna talk about jeans. that's right, those fantasmical dress up, dress down, wear till they rip and fade, life long friends.

gap has come out with an entire line of jeans called 1969 premium jeans. u cant open a single magazine without seeing a pullout ad of them. patrick robinson, gaps executive vice president of design, says that they've dedicate themselves to perfecting a variety of their iconic shapes, for men and women. the fits include the always skinny, real straight, and sexy boot. they come in varying rinses and washes, lets not forget sizes. how much you ask, under sixty dollars. just call it new vintage on a budget.

their are so many ways to wear denim, that i'll just list a few_
skinny, boot cut, straight, bleached, dark, light, faded, pleated, overalls, shorts, jackets, vest, and jumpsuits. but i bet you never thought of shoes, now did you? well emlio pucci has created  a knee high denim boot. walk tall honey.

daily fashion tip_this seson pick up a denim jacket. make sure it fits your body type. if it's too tight or too loose you'll look grubby. pair it with some skinny jeans or some wide legs. wear it too look grungr chic or make it flirty with a floral dress. and if you end up not being able to take it off, pair it with a chunky knit scarf and hat when the winds pick up.


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