Tuesday, September 22, 2009


hey there, you. whoever you are.
it's me stella.

i've been feeling slightly inspired by prints. specifically animal. i don't know whats going on. first i wanted a faux fur vest and today i want leapord tights. call it jungle fever, but animals always in right? i mean, they where kinda around before us so why not pay tribute to that those other species we share the planet with. ps_there's animal print cardis, flats, heels, shirts, hats, gloves, dresses, and, of course, tights. but don't get carried away, your not jane from tarzan, deary.

another thing thats got me awwed... beth ditto. yup the outspoken musician of the band gossip. she is quite the bad ass. i never believed it when i heard someone could play a prada gig in their undies, but i have been proved wrong. sho nuff, she bares it all. check out her bands cd mussic for men.

daily fashion tip_a mirror. a mirror large and wide enough so that you can see your entire body. i don't care how much u hate ur love handles or your flat butt. when you walk out the house you need to be in tip top shape. sometimes i wonder if people look in the mirror before they leave the house. i mean, truly, honestly, truly, your hot. look at your self and smile sometimes, like madea says "smile at your self girl, just look in the mirror and go ting!" (no excuses ikea is always their for you)


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