Friday, September 18, 2009

Hot Topic

omg! it's my tenth day of blogging!

guess what people, it's designer friday! todays' shining star is (insert drum roll here) michelle smith creator of milly by michelle smith. michelle smith was intrested in fashion at an early age so she followed her heart and attended new yorks' fashion institute of technology. she was exspecially intrested in european luxry goods so she worked at hermes part-time in manhattan. when she graduated she wrote a letter to hermes' presidnet and became the first american to be sent to paris for an internship by the brand. in paris she went to esmod, interned at louis vuitton, torrente, and christian dior haute coture. when she got home of course she formulated a brand that was, as she puts it, "synonymous with feminity and luxury..." gwyneth paltrow, and beyonce are two of the many famous coustomers that have rocked her designs. her clothing is only sold at bergdof goodman, neiman marcus, saks fifth avenue, selfridges, and barneys new york in japan. my favourites from her fall 09 collection are the wool elbow sleeve coat in a charcoal texture, a wool swing jacket, and a peakcock patterned dress. her resort collection has a coral barra cotton jacquard swing jacket and matching chain skirt. as for spring, miss thing brought out the preppy with a navy anchor chain cotton jacquard sailor dress. thats what good clothings all about.

on another note, what's a good outfit if you smell bad? sorry to be so outright about it, but if your funky, no outfit can hide it. only people in sweat pants or those excersising have an excuse. it's been found that the best way to cover a bad bo is a good fragrance. sure, there are tons of them, but when you find the right, one you'll know. if it's out of your budget, forget the price, just think of cost per wear value. if you wear it every day your hard earned cash won't be spent in vain. check out magazines for those fragrance pull outs and don't be afraid to rub them on your wrist for a test drive. the best fragrance is the one that makes you feel time has stopped and your mouth is watering. d&g has come out with a collection of fragrances, all of them are unisex fragrances, but they all have unique fragrance notes. my favorite, 18 la lune, smells like " hypnotizing white florals nestle agains an intriguing base of the softest, most exquisite pale leather. an envolopingly hypnotic lily and tuberose heart rests upon a textured base of sandalwood, musk, orris, and white leather. subtle, mysterious, utterly alluring." if descriptions like that don't make you want to buy a fragrance, then pop into your friendly macy's or sephora and tell the woman at the counter what you like and what your looking for. a good fragrance is like a good relationship, it should get better as the day goes by.

fashion tip_a hat. everywoman needs a hat. if you dont wear it all the time thats fine. but you need a hat. you might think ther for old ladies, but some hats can be pretty cool. berets, cloches, bowlers, fedoras, you name it. the hat is back. their great for keeping hair in place on windy days and they make you ten times cooler, cause lets be honest, only the suave rock head pieces.


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