Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Rose Door

good evening.

so flowers, they smell great. and dont give me that, i have allergies, you know you think their pretty.
well i like lanvin. no i cant afford a tibit of it but i think its pretty.

just a recap of their fall 09 collection; the colors stayed pretty dark and neutral. their was a lovely shock of red, a coat if im correct. yet, the black and darkness works for this collection because it compliments the hardware perfectly. im talking about the accessories my friends. hardware for day wear for night wear. its so big all you probably need to do is wear a trash bag and put your hair in a bun. (im kidding, you'd look like a total weirdo if you wore a trash bag and lanvin gems and bags.) you will definetly stop traffic. the clothes are world war reminiscent. the silhouetts date back to those hourglasses figures and the higher hemlines. the clothing is draped, ruched, ruffled, and strong. ohh and did i mention fur!?! i love fur! lets not forget that steaming sound track. fierce.

the resort collection however is light and flirty. long dresses. pajama shapes and flowers. birght colors and flowing shapes complete the look.

if there is one thing i can say for lanvin, its that no matter what collection alber elbaz put out, i always want one thing from each look. clothing lust, i thinks so.

daily fashion tip_are you feeling the chill yet? i certaintly am. if indian summers got you confused on wether to wear your summer stuff or pull out the fall goodies i've got you covered. remeber all those maxi dresses? well wear those with a wrap and some boots. who said you have to choose between seasons? take a hint from the beatles and come together.


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