Saturday, September 26, 2009

Remeber My Name


i saw fame today with my best friend.
i was more than mildly dissopointed. maybe i feel asleep and missed all the awesome parts. don't get me wrong the actors/actresses and preformers where beyond talented in their preformances but it lacked something. i  remeber the commercials where so exciting. dont let that fool you. its true that the art world is not a joke and that if you dont work you dont get anywhere. the movie portrayed this to the nines. but, i thought people saw movies to get away from this idea. documentaries are for realism (i cant wait for captalism a love story). again, great cast, horrible editor. the editors for this movie need to be black listed. possibly the director for letting them chop the film into such a... well you decide for yourself. just decide when it comes out on dvd.

on the fashion note. its getting chilly. pull out those scarves. and umbrellas. east coast falls are always a tad rainy.

daily fashion tip_lotion. keep mourstroized throught out the day with one of those travel lotions. no one likes to shake dry hands or dry anything for that matter. crusty just doesnt cut it. the little bottles of lotion are only 99cents so no excuses. the more you morstroize the raidiance in your skin will increase. and who could resist a glowing gal? touch and be touched.


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