Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Bad

i totally messed up. i forgot to post yesterday. even thought no one seems to be reading my blog yet, i still promised my self i would write for 365 days. it just seems that now they wont all be in a row. i realize excuses are the tools of the incompetent ( a quote from my eight grade english teacher) but i was occupied. so to make up for my fault I'm going to relate the very thing that detained me, to fashion; television. that's right. all my favorite shows and movies, every monday.(this goes out to my boo-ky bart simpson{eat my shorts})

weekend re-cap_ i just want to say that what is known as the most boring night on television, (this excludes all sport related events) is now the historic topic discussion of the next week and possibly decade. the vmas. props to lady gaga for her handsome date, kermit the frog, taylor swift, for rocking the subway, greenday, for crowd surfing on stage, and last but not least, jay-z, for appearing in a fashion only he could, rolling up before the show ends in baggy jeans, leather vest, ray bans, and a yankees cap. hats off to you.

but despite all these precious moments, including dying on stage courtesy of lady gaga, where overshadowed by kanye west. i like kanye, i really do, i think hes an excellent musician. i realize that those who behave seldom make history( another quote) but respect is never to be broken. taylor swift won the award because america voted, and they voted for her primarily. if kanye didn't like that he could have saved his comments for after the show. if he had won and someone told him that fifty cent had the best video of the year, he would have went off. katy perry said on twitter "FUCK YOU KANYE. IT'S LIKE YOU STEPPED ON A KITTEN."
her words not mine.

but for the record. everyone at the vmas was dressed to the ts. alica keys with her sparkling leggings, taylor swift with that scarlet flirty dress, and taylor lautner with his finely tailored suit. no pun intended.

what held me last night was gossip girl. more on that tomorrow but for everyone who watched_who designed that gorgeous peach dress serena wore to the polo match? to die for!!! it was literally beautiful. and blair brought it down with that gold, embroidered dress. jenny wore what i believe is missioni at the beginning of the show, dan rocked his dior suit at the polo match, and vanessa is always hot in whatever she dons with those bo-ho curls. thank god anna sui has that line for target. now the rest of us can be just as fantasmical as the shows characters.

daily fashion tip_headbands. they work for even the shortest hair. (shaved and close cut heads are an exception i suggest large earring) i recently purchased a black bow head band. not to big not to small, just right for my bobbed hair. urban outfitters has been putting out these really funky rose headbands made from zippers, they also have tons of feathery ones as well. so go make blair proud. sport that headband like you rule the upper east side, or whatever side your from. you know you love me.


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