Thursday, September 10, 2009

Short Stacks (are back)

september tenth.

for those of you in the five boroughs i hope your spending because fashion's night out won't be a success with out you.

they say big thing come in small packages and i hope their right, for tyra banks sake of course. last night was the premier of cycle thirteen of her infamous america's next top model. however, this season all of the competitors are under five foot seven. good for them. the shortest girl is five three. but the old saying is quite right because some of these girls are just as fierce as the tall ones. and lets not forget the real reasons everyone tunes in; the jay's, tears, fights, and fashion. may i just say, that the jay's are gorgeous. their are very few men out their who can pull of lip gloss and foundation flawlessly, and they do so with pride. if only they could teach the rest off us their technique. as for the tears, sadly, there were none, well at least not enough. of course when girls cry the blubber incomprehensibly, but i was waiting for the makeover tears. sadly none arrived, looks like this little group of shorties is just to thrilled to let the tiny, excuse the unintended pun, things bother them. if only us big people could be mature that way. so far no drama thought their was one oddly chill girl and one girl crazed with jesus, but hey, it is what it is. as for fashion, last night the entire country got a treat when they discovered that chanel iman was a guest judge. at least, it was a treat for me. she is absolutely gorgeous, and her walk is fierce as a cats. she is one of my favorite models. in fact, my first issue of teen vogue had her on the cover.

side note_lisa (the first to be eliminated) had flawless eyebrows. maybe its time for all of us to switch to threading?

as for the rest of the fashion world, take note. this fall its all about the eighties? why you ask(no saved by the bell is not staging a come back) well it seems that the new crop of young designers all grew up during those golden years. it's true that history repeats it self but a definite flash back is those big bold shoulders. and you thought shoulder pads were so yesterday. wrong. i only have one request for the soon to be heads of the fashion world. don't bring acid wash jeans back. skinnies look great but there's just something about that excessive bleach that makes everyone want to hurl.

daily fashion tip_a black motorcycle jacket will do you justice. if its not your thing, try to resit one lined with shearling, it will keep you warm. its the tough chic vibe, but if you like splenda sweeten it with a flirty top and your shrunken leather masterpiece will go where ever you go. take a hint from james dean; young and reckless never goes out of style.


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