Monday, September 21, 2009


i. am. so. tired.

looks like it's universe 2 (days i havent written) me 11. technically i'm winning but i seem to really be off my biscut at the moment. vitamin water focus, anyone?

it's monday. they truly suck. here are a few tips to keep from crashing liek a jet plane after the weekend,
drink water, eat every three hours (small portions people we are not trying to break belts here), wash your face and hands when you get home, and my favorite_take a nap before you eat.

it seems my shining light for waking up today is gossip girl.

daily fashion tip_it's the end of my all black reign. try emerald. no im not talking about the city in the wizard of oz. the color has a deep mysterious value (like in the nail polish i just bought). pick up a knitted emerald over sized scarf or a sparkling cocktail ring. oh, and what the heck pair it with a black wool jacket or coat (old habits die hard) your not in kansas anymore toto.


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