Wednesday, November 4, 2009

spring 2010 nyc deux

ello puppet.

so i just wanted share with you that on they have a little tib bit they have on overalls. you just might wanna check that out. looks like the jumpers gonna have competition....

anyhoo here are some more nyc fashion week overviews. enjoy.

diane von furstenberg
knows how to make a dress that women want to wear.

that said. she did get a few tailored looks in her show. very nice, very nice. hippie frocks and safari suits. gotta love the bathing suits peppered in here and there. oh and the bangles up to the models elbows!!! are my new signature thing for spring.

helmut lang

this duo is doing denim for spring. i peeped a paneled miniskirt and a motojackets. there where alot of harme pants though. im not really a fan of that. im not sure i understand the need for a really low croch unless your a man but it is what it is.

isaac mizrahi

oh he's just so much fun fun fun. his show he named astaire case or obstacle course, and it was nothing less. unfinished lapels and tulle that looked like it was wrapped around the body. the rain machine in the background (and the golf cart)? im not to sure i loved that but the sequin dresses, black and white numbers, and the chiffons i did adore. p.s. the hats are just too awesome.

oscar de la renta

luxury is jus so lovely. even if you dont like fashion, how could you ever turn your back on one of his creations without ate least reaching out and trying to touch the embriodery and fabric with your hands? thats what i thought. his was rich in color (orange, purple, teal, a lime green)and rich in everything. there was a safari jumpsuit that im probably going to end up trying to find an imitation for. thought it wont come close the teal was just phantasmical. plus a bronze linen trench and creamy tweeds. my heart flew out the wizz-aow (window.)

elie tahari

some tailored looks popped up and i was like whoa mama! but they were nice. a menswear pant, rolled up sweat pants, and i do believ a jersey t. quite a lot of orange in the beginning but there were other colors a yellow at the end a bit of white through out. effort lessly gorgeous drewssing none the less.

jason wu

twenty six and oh my bob i hope i can do what he does one day. i love how hes alway challenging himself, this year with luxe fabrics and playful like designs like a navy tweed hood (holla). one shoulder gowns out the wizz-aow and a denim silk romper fortish thing. peep the tulip skirt and the electric limey green belt on a strapless pink feather gown. when i get some money me and his closet will be bffs. plus he pulled out the awesome candy colored platform strappy heels

ok well thats it for new york. if there are anyother new york shows you wanna know about just tell me. and for the love of bob comment on my post i need feedback thats the only way to build constuctively.

daily fashion tip_color. well what with the ongoing parade of patterned fabrics, low crotches, and utterly desturbing over ripped lace shirts, its time for some reform. buy a super colorful something made out of an outrageous fabric. like a teal wide sleeve jacket, a pink feather dress with a lime belt, a lipstick red suit, or an embroidered trench. that way you can wear everything else extra simple like. and do yourself a favor, just dont wear the exact same look as the look on the runway. i dont care, what objections you have, your a copy cat if you do. be true, do you, colorfully.


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