Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh Jimmy...

so if you didnt get the message yesterday that i was in distress about brands closing then you should reread it.

anyway hm is debuting the jimmy choo for hm, line tmrw. get to the store early. there giving out wristbands and times you are "allowed" to view the collection. get there early doll face i dont know how many shoes are gonna be left by the time you finish sleeping late. go to the website and check out the details. even if you dont go to hm, shop for bob sakes.

daily fashion tip_brooch.they are definetly handy for holding up all those heavy scarves youll be wearing to "brace yo self(fool)(sorry i couldnt resist)" for the cold. grandma's will do just fine. nothing like an heirloon to keep the air out.(hehehehehe. okay sorry ill stop.)


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