Sunday, November 22, 2009

Awww suki suki now

so i've decided not to do the whole london 2010 spring review for you. theres no time to finish it, like anywhere. but i will give you list of shows to check out via internet and they are
_acne                                  _julien macdonald
_burberry prorsum               _matthew williamson
_christopher kane                _paul smith
_clements riberio                  _peter pilotto
_house of holland                 _pringle of scotland
_johnathan saunders             _twenty8twelve

im going to see new moon tomorrow im so excited i heard it was awesome!!! i really can't wait, i love the story more than the actors/actresses but their both great so its a win win. not to mention that gorgeous body taylor lautner has. hes come a long way from shark boy, now hes a wolf man (howl!!!!!!)

street cred
_victoria secret fashion show today, the shows theme was magical journey, cant wait for black friday so i can buy my own less naughty undies.

_jimmy choo is practically sold out, everywhere. i would be devstated except the shoes dont come in my size so i'll weep for those of you with smaller feet.
_check out nylon mags america issue, its pretty awesome.

daily fashion tip_tunics. their awesome sweater shirts dresses and you can belt them or wear tights under them. some are super tight and other are eighties reminiscent style loose. its whatever you like.


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