Thursday, November 12, 2009

Denile is the first step to admitting you have a problem

(big sigh)
im sorry to say that luella has lost finacial backing
(heart wrenching sob) they cant fill their summer or spring order
(another sob)
i didnt want to believe it at first(sniffle) i did some digging and i found out its true.
it just a shame you know? fashion is one of the few art form that relies on money even though alot of designers would do it without all the money, but if you dont by from them they cant reinvest in their company to make collections for the next year. the same thing goes for books and architecture. oh and films, cant forget those cinematic things that alter the way we see things, sing songs, and come up with catch phrases. but fashion does that too...its just a shame (sigh)
go to their website in shoppers paradise, everything is marked down to below its worth.

daily fashion tip_shopping. do it goddamit if you dont want every brand you love to close by something for the love of bob im feeling frantic! fashion relies on consumers. i realize a recession but if you dont consume and brands close, where will you get awesome clothing from when the economy goes back up (as it will do eventually, it always does.) (god forbid i have to start wearing hannah montanna t's from walmart (do it for the future generations. like seriously just do it)) splurge if you like take advantage of sales if you have to but for the love of god cash or credit pick something out for yourself and dont put it down till you get to the register!!!!!!!!!


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