Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my, my metrocard

so i realized the other day that i've been supporting a dangerous epidemic. i want you to pick up the latest issue of teen vogue and read about the "balmainettes." it's an epidemic that i realize, has gone way to far. the strong shoulder, yes we love it, but the writer of the article is right!!! what good is a song played over and oveer again? a little black dress is only classic because you break it out for classic occasions...if you wore it everyday its not as special. now in the case of the "balmainettes" this barelegged, big shoulder, tight, black, dress, disease must stop!!! people control yourself. fashion only survives if everyone wears something different.... i response to this article i am refusing to support the "balmainettes." no more bigg shoulders...

on the other hand....
_ive started my black friday want list. you should too, after all, this friday and the day after christmas definetly constitue as a major reason to shop. i've already started my cupon clipping.........sike, i never clip cupons.

daily fashion tip_studs. no not the ones on jackets belts and possible everything else (well i hope not everything.) im mean the studs for your ears. im only saying this because i need new earrings. i keep losing mine. *tear.


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