Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Golden Age

"cant all ways get what chu want..........."
good eveing loves. so yesterday, i did get to the store by six o clock. i should give my relatives more credit.
i bought fantasmical things and chaught sales out the wiz-aow. what was really awesome for me, however, is that i just saw pirate radio. its is a must see for music lover or film lovers. never a dull moment. and the fashion!!! aww man those outfits are classic. everything from blue tights to high waters and outrageous print button downs. goos times. i wasnt alive then but you know i felt the magic. any way the movie was awesome, you should go see it, there was never a dull moment. and if you see it sit through the credits, gotta love that surprise ending.

wow im listening to the who now (peep them at the superbowl) thats how much ive been effected the movie.

so in cotinuation of true colors from yesterday, its time to shine on love, shine on.
let the sun reign in.

gold sparkly jellys,

silk stockings dress in gold,

bow clutch bag by pauls boutique,

knitted sequin jumper,

burberry metallic raincoat,

see by chloe, pleat pocket dress,

mini noe rococo,

can can ankle strap pump,

hexagonal metal cuff,

sephora by opi, worth my weight,

(not my fingers)
victor and rolf, eau mega set,

daily fashion tip_mascara. my mom bought this collasal volum' express mascara by maybelline and it is awesome. my lashes went for zero to sixty in one swipe. i was very impressed being that my lashes are short and sparse. but if you swipe some of this stuff on evrybody will be like hey batter batter!!


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