Monday, November 23, 2009

put one foot in front of theee otherrr....

so ive been peeping a ton of people with funky walks. the sad thing is, they dont do it intentionly.
wake up people! edjumacte yourself on posture and what not. its just really sad. now i cant lie though, i have a pretty interesting walk too. .im rather tall so i try to walk in a straight line and then i pick up momentum and it's like im speed walking (i actually just have a really long stride.) but if i mess up the momentum i start to sway or i loose the rhythm in my walk. hey! nobodys perfect. but i do think a walk is something we could all improve upon.  take a look below

ok so i know wikihow is stupid but there is some method to the madness

i like this one alot. dont be bashfull if you recognize yourself in the vid below

now runway shows are probably the bestway to practice your walk. listen to the beat and try to match the rhythm of the model. but when you leave the house, don't act uppity. remeber, not every model has a good walk

i can only tell you so much with my speed walking swaying style so listen to mac daddy

last tip_be nonchalant. dont act snobby, smile, unless your actually on the runway. just be like "oh yea i do this all the time, whatchu talking bout willis?"

now practice dears try this slow one first and try to stay on rhythm, then do the nxt one...

i put that last one in so you could walk like a boss cause you run this!(confidence is wat im saying if you don't cath my drift.)

now go get em tiger.

daily fashion tip_an awesome playlist. below are ten of my new favorite songs. eac hone has a different rhythm and beat so play around and if you cant take all the walking just bust out and dance like no ones watching. its the funnest thing ever.

  1. my metro card                          le tigre
  2. say ahh                                     trey songz
  3. uprising                                     muse
  4. white deamon love song            the killers
  5. all the pretty girls                       fun.
  6. satelitte heart                            anya maria
  7. saturday night                           the noisettes
  8. bulletproof                                la roux
  9. listomania                                 phoenix
  10. tik tok                                      ke$ha
and your super duper bonus track is.......
money to blow                                 drake ft lil wayne and birdman (drakes part is the best wayne nd birdman need to go somewhere)

now i bet your wondering why i gave you songs well, its so you can practice how to walk like the fierce jungle cat you are. fellas you too. theres nothing more attractive than a guy with swag, that means no pimp walk. take a hint from chuck bass.


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