Friday, November 27, 2009

White Hot

so ive snapped. wait for it.................................wait for it................ its gonna happen any second now. there its
it is now five a clock. now your probably all thinking what the hell is wrong with her, well ill tell you.

i woke up this morning at four o clock so i could start shopping by at least five thirty. then i was informed that we wont be shopping until six. six!!!!!!!!! thats a whole hour that someone else has take those jeans that should belong to me and that shirt that would look awesome with the bag i bought just yesterday. but no. now its five oh one. i know your thinking, well six isnt so bad. but you dont know my family, six o'clock means we wont be leaving the house until six thirty if im lucky. we probably wont start drving to our destination until six fourty five. oh the humanity!!!!

so now you've seen my true colors. (*flashback here: glee sang true colors the other day.)
heres all the white things that i could be scoping right now, now that its five o four. but hey. no bitterness here.

fendi full cut-out cotton skirt,

halston cuff in white,

satin ecru tapered pant,

kimberly ovitz, marshall jumper in white,

azzaro, embellished halterneck gown,

chloe, silk-blend ruffle dress,

marc jacobs, camisole bow top,

army bag by pauls boutique,

stud fingerless leather gloves,

cluster stone necklace,

_right so it's now five thirty and no one other than me has gotten dressed or showered or even eaten yet.

lip, white mythic,

jonathan alder, salvador vase white,

dvf/hstern, sutra watch,

take me under your wing,

_its five thiry eight

street cred
_hello kitty nitendo ds. peep that.
_twilight, for wiii (holla!!)

daily tip_water bottle. save the enviroment for petes sake.

_it is now five fourty five

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