Monday, November 2, 2009

Swing Low

ok so i have no clue where this comes from.
actually i do but pay attention cause im in the mood for speaking in riddles.
i wear white shirts every week day until further notice (damn you public schools.) sometimes i can sneak into the side door and get away with it but more than not im in a white t. now contrary to the objections of ppl i bought plain v necks. ppl thought these where inappropriate for school nd im like you just dont know what cool is. so today i bring you my favorite pics of people in white t's, white dress, and white things. cause lets be honest, white is the absense of all color, and its only a frumpy white t if you wear it like one. duhh

had to mention my two favorite bad boys james dean and marlon brando.

elie sabb couture 2009 (my future prom dresses...)

the gap white t's

lady gaga and blair waldorf

cathrine mcneil with rouland mouret in a dress by his design at the met gala and deyn on the victor and rolf runway.

chanel classic


chanel resort 2010

the beatles (best band ever!!!) an i fyou say they suck thats like saying sliced bread didnt change the way you make a sandwich; all lies.

chanel 2009. the sad part is i actually like the head pieces better than the clothing, but hey it all works together quite lovingly.

david beckham.... y so serious doll?

i love this picture. it's gisele in w magazine (alexander wang dress). it's from the w magazine my mommy sent me when i went to camp one summer. made my week.

daily fashion tip_petals. im talking bout the little things you put over your boobies. yes i do realize that boobies are natural and nipples stick out but sometimes you just gotta say, am i showing to much nip nip (as i call it.) cause lets be honest who wants to be tagged the next day in a photo where your boobs are the main part of the frame, not your face, because you had too much nip nip...

xoxo_stella french

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