Friday, November 6, 2009

spring 2010 Paris

im listening to the new moon soundtrack right now. it pretty gangster
eve if your not into the whole vamp thing the soundtracks are pretty awesome. i have the one for twilight in my stereo and it's introduced me to alot of new sounds. im particulary fond of muse now...(check out the uprising video, its got evil teddy bear, gotta love it.)

so this indie music got me feeling like i outta start on the paris part of fashion week. here goes nothing....


color color color. hizzah for alber elbaz!!!! the man did it out the wizz-aow. it started kinda slow you know with pieces youd generally expect to see from lanvin then the color started streaming in, and the sequins, and oh my bob polyester jumpsuit!!!!! there was vermillion, salmon, and peach and gold jewlery. and leather, i do adore a lovely leather. my favorite was puffy quilt number and i did love one at the end worn by karlie kloss, orange with things peeking out and a bow at the shoulder.

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razzle dazzle, well she tried. i do enjoy the dress centric line though. lots of whites and to my surprise a drawstring jumpuits. there where also some froks with her cat on them, very charming, that made me think of brekfast at tiffanys. there was a white column with a chain mail bolero that made me go gaga. plus there was a navy trench and i just love trenches.


this guy is a trendsetter. totaly blows everything out the water with his huge shouldered numbers. military inspired the max with sequins, tattered shirts, destroyed jeans. my favorite piece is the bullet blet. oh and there where these loin cloth stained skirt thingys, super-hyper-over-sexed-sub-content going on there. mash would be proud.


its so simple its perfect. reworked philo is a genious, i love how her clothing stands on its own. its like this is all you need. leather ts, lace dresses, and some miltary jackets. a very simple colors like beige, white, black, and carmel. i loved the high wais wide leg pant, it reminded me of her days at chloe.

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well tots, its time for me to go but ill be back like arnold.

daily fashion tip_leather mini skirt. sexy, simple, and can be worn to work and to play. black is probably the most versatile, look for not a whole lotta shine, you dont wanna look like a hooker now. pair it with a military jaket and youll be the best commander there ever was. yes ma'am!


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