Sunday, November 22, 2009

My life has been completed....

i just saw new moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(!to the infinity)
it was AWESOME. and you know it must be because i never use capital letters ever.
this is a public service announcement NEW MOON WAS AWESOME.

taylor lautner was shirtless the majority of the movie (girls just could not stop screaming but i guess im a hypocrit if i say that)
robert pattison still had perfectly un-perfect hair
the action was amazing the way the got the boys to morph into werewolfs
and of course, its a great story

so i've been thinking about how my hair is now at a standstill. yours dosent have to be so here are some winter hair styles big this year

the high bun

the plaits

the pompadour


street cred
_watch robert pattison trailer for his new movie remeber me
_i've become a fan of alexa chung cause its on (pun inteded) everyday at 3:30 on mtv
_yesterday was the premier of me and orson wells, peep zac efron

daily fashion tip_acid wash jeans. now now puppet calm down. yes they are back. nd i've realized their not so awful, as long as yu do not wear an acid wash shirt and acid wash shoes and acid wash hoodie and baseball cap with them. dont do the eighties thing either, that means no neon or birght rich colored hoodies and sweater. keep it simple. doll it up with a button down or a sequin tank.


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