Monday, November 16, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

ok so yesterdays post was quite pathetic it's no secret that dandruff control is a tip in just about every aspect of life. but today im bringing it back with a vengance. i've got gossip and though spreading rumors is mean u still love to hear them anyway so don'e even front. be on the look out for the spring 2010 london blog on wed. so here goes my little try at being gossip girl (u kno u love me). by the way peep lady gaga on tonights episode... im just cant wait to see what she wears.

movies to go see:
  1. new moon (i got my tickets two weeks ago so im set.)
  2. pirate radio(when the british gov banned rock these renegades set up shop on a boat to break the airwaves from their dastardly non rock silence.)
  3. fantastic (not really sure what its about i do believe thanksgiving feast is implied in all the adds but who cares its got george clooney and meryl streep, what more convincing do you need???)
  4. me and orson wells. (its not exactly out yet but it's got an all star cast and a lil romance in their plus zac efron.)
barbie boy...

_word on the street is that taylor lautner is going to have a barbie doll. i kno right. i mean we all love ken but taylor frick frakin lautner is a god (maybe im just exaggerating cause im a teen who likes twilight(not a twihard dont get it twisted) and taylor is only two years older than me but anythings possible...) anyway the doll is sculpted (god those abs) from his character jacob black in the twilight series by mattel. sadly the doll doesnt hit store till february 2010 to coincide with the newmoon dvd release date. even though i gave up barbies quite a while ago i wouldnt mind having this one..

tom sturridge_he's a character in pirate radio blasting dylan in the wee hours of the morning(he plays carl.) he's 23 and has made quite a splash in vantiy fair and being julia. ( i do believe i saw him in a vogue photo spread cant remember if it was teenvogue or big people vogue, ill check.) he was also in the indie film waiting for forever supposed to show up at sundance in january. he's just a bad brit and he's causing quite the sturr (sorry i couldnt resist.)

legacy_hayden panettiere is set to produce the series hms aka harvard medical school (look at you all salty cause you thought i spelled the abrv. for high school musical. go on dust your shoulders off.)

blake lively_spotted at the secret private lives of pippa lee screening in nyc sunday night. she did her little bare under the blazer look she's so fond of. she also wore black crepe shorts by marchesa (a fave brand of mine.) someone peeped her gossip girl costars and beau chance crawford and penn badgley supporting her.

dakota fanning_on the cover of teen vogue check her out. i love her. i hope shes not one of those child stars who tanks casue i really love how her roles in movies are getting more diverse as she gets older. she play a pain infklicting vamp in new moon.

sarah palin on oprah_i watched the interview and i must say i dont hate her anymore. i just want to know what was up with her hair? was that a white woman weave she was sporting or did volume magically spring up from the depths of nowhere to support her hair?? anyway. she had some interesting points but for the love of god she avoided half the questions. go check it out. (this relates to fashion because of her "infamous wardrobe")
taylor swift_if u dont go buy her album i will sock you. i will straight up come through this computer and knock you out. even if you dont like country music you must admit that the natural blond with curly hair and a killer red carpet wardrobe is the boom digiddy. she has buzzz out the wiz-aow. rumor is that she might be dating taylor lautner...idk. i aint mad at her though. like i said she got buzzzz.

plasticines_their video for the song bitch premieres. check it out. it played at exactly the perfect time on last weeks gossip girl episode (im still trynna find out who designed jennys dress)

daily fashion tip_idk. theres so many things now that im all in the cool aid. let us see (pondering.... pondering...) sequins!!! their awesome you cant even lie and thanks to the whole lot of them popping up all over you dont even have to resict them to night time only outfits. just don't overload dear, we dont want you to catch any saturday night fever or anything of that sort.


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