Tuesday, November 3, 2009

spring 2010 nyc

so i have decided that there are simply too many wonderful collections for me to choose from. instead of downsizing completely im goning to give you the sneaky peak on my favorite ones from each fashion week. take a deep breath, you might want a glass of water near by, and if you feel fashion overload coming just stop and think of all the wonderful things you'll know after you finish reading this blog.

marc by marc jacobs
so the mans a genius, that much is obvious...

so the entire line was a two thubs up, for me at least. all the models donned bunny bows kind of a smaller scale of maddonas at the met ball. to my extrem pleasure it seems that this trend has traveled quite far, at least enought for most of the girls in my school to emulate the style. the jackets have a kind of old style with the pinched shoulders but not as big as the eighties strong shoulder that been around this year. he also used neon again like he had for fall. then of course, he pulled out the african tribal prints and i was having seziures of joy. omg i almost forgot the jumpers, those where awesome too.

anna sui

lifes a circus in this show. there was a big top feel with the ring master jackets. it was kinda pop sixtyish thing going on. i was feeling jean shrimpton like with the printed headscarves and shifts and such. the prints really are adorable and i think they balance out the fact that this line seemed a lot more tomboyish then others. but it worked. lots of cute tailored pieces too. im also really digging all the sweaters very varsity like....

3.1 phillip lim

the red runway of geometric shapes just screamed that something fantasmical was going to happen. and it did. he opened with a suit that looked like a jumpsuit, also red. it turns out that suit is washable!!!!! i kno i was like ooooohhhh myyyyy goooooddddd! i was like someone call the fire department because this man has commited arson. on the other hand the dresses are swingy and they there were some nife pleats and sequins i saw. there was also a lizar pattern trench but subtle not screaming reptile, and i do love a good trench. im turly fighting the urge to splurge on something lipstick red at the moment.

peter som

thank bob he jumped after that fall collection of like sixteen looks. this was alot more than that and there was a shine to every look. some saftey orange and blues here and there. some funky tweeds and a jewled neck line. wood cut prints too. colorfully eccentric is the way to describe it. thank bo he jumped back though.


the sister sister team came through. i exspected nothing less and i got a little more. but i love being honest and i did enjoy the collection but the color pallet made me think of puke. you decide for your slef. it was kinda like my stomach was lurching. i liked the looks at the end of the collection better. craftsman ship was beautiful, as always.

ralph lauren

he owns the swag mart and your are just the bag boy. (trust me you better clean up whatevers in asile seven.) it could be that i've become really fon of john steinbeck recently or it could be that this collection just screamed to me. the mans an original american brand riches to rags and the line showed that this recession has no effect on his ability to keep it moving.  faded news boy caps, oversized jeans, calico dresses, ankle socks, oxford heels, and patch work overalls. he worked in some thirtiesish suits, night shirts with beading and an overalll turned lame dress. like a rolling stone indeed (bob dylans like a rolling stone played for the show.)

more tmrw my dears. im feeling pooped already.

daily fashion tip_flouncy skirt. they are making a comeback and i do believe their here to stay. they give you fantasmical volume on your bottom half exspecially if you cinch them right tunder your waist. contrary to popular belief a but is an awesome thing. come on who doesnt love a girl with an ity bity wist and a round thing in your face? hahahaha

xoxo_stella french

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