Sunday, November 1, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine

skin is sensitive in all climates but cold is definetly its arch enemy. no one loves chapped lips, dry skin, or frozen noses, unless of course you are the cold. here are some tips i've found in my fifteen years that are guarenteed to brighten your complection to a healthy glow.

1_dermatologist. lets be honest, there is no one who could give you better advice on what to do with your skin then someone who's certified.
2_water. yes, you've heard the eight glass thing so many times but getting 64 ounces of water everyday really does make you feel better. an easy way to sneek in those glasses is to drink two cups of water during every meal.
3_sugar. slow down on your intake of your favorite cupcakes cookies and candies. try to eat something sweet one day then a fruit or vegtable the next.
4_sleep. eight hours is not for everyone, but a regular sleep schedule will do miracles for everything in your life.
5_cucumbers. not they are not a myth the lady at the spa put them on your eye for a reason. cucumbers can hydrate and sooth your delicate eyes.
6_scrub.exfoliation is keeeey! your body produces skin pretty fast and if it builds up it will clog your pores. eww. gentle scrubs are great foe everyday but be cautios with heavy dutty scrubs they can dry your skin
7_moisture. affter skins been scrubed its better able to pick up moisture. you should put it on every morning and evening. look for brightness-boosting ingredients like hydroquinone, kojic acid, azelaic acid, mulberry extract, and grape-seed extract.
8_sunblock. no matter where you live those uv rays can find you. use a sunscreen on your skin to protect it. there is a difference between being, tan and being an orange sunburnt mess,
9_green tea. it's main ingredient is polyphenol (egcg) and its 100 times more effective at neutralizing fre radicals than vitamin c.
10_veggies. mother knew best. the antioxidants and vitamins in blueberries and broccoli fend off free-radical damage (ahem, aging brown spots and fine lines), while the beta-carotene in carrots and lycopene in tomatoes reduce the likelihood of UV damage.
11_peel. try a solution with low levels of glycolic acid and/or natural fruit enzymes like pumpkin, papaya, and pineapple to dissolve dead skin cells gently. do it as often as once a week,or as little as once a month,to give your face a quick pick-me-up.
12_steam. if you cant do the spa thing, your shower will do just fine. it gets the oxygen in your blood flowing,  helps your body in sweating out toxins, and helps clear pores of grime and debris. bonus; a steam session also leaves you with rosy pink cheeks.
13_color. the right hair color can make your skin look fantastic, its not to bad for your hair either. opt for warm tones, asshy tones can make you look sever and and took dark leaves you emo. and for the love of bob, blonde is not for everyone.
14_vitamin. it will do wonders for your health and skin. you dont gotta get fancy a drugstore brand will do.

ancient family secrets:

15_oxygen. yes to exercise and no to smoking. high levels of oxygen in blood keep your capillaries strong and increase blood flow. it will also make it easier for you to fit into skinny jeans.
16_lemon juice. if you went overboard with the tinting never fear. a little lemon juice can correct self-tanner mishaps just gentley rub a fresh slice of lemon over over bronzed areas and it will ighten the sumdges. then rinse it off.
17_acid. not not drugs you fool. fatty acids like omega-3 will protect you against sun burn and inflammation. it also helps skin seal in moisture. try salmon, walnuts, and flax.
18_multitasking. im talking bout your foundation. look for a formula that contains vitamin c, which helps even skin tone and minimize blotchiness. if luminosity is what you’re after, a liquid is always your best bet, the moisture in it helps increase light reflection.
19_highlight. illuminate your skin with an oil-free liquid iridescent highlighter. mix it with your foundation, face lotion, or body lotion or use it alone, it’s an easy way to highlight brow bones, contour cheeks, and give you a head-to-toe glow.
20_ cotton and milk. to reduce under eye circles, soak cotton pads in cold whole milk and put them on your eyes for a few minutes. the temperature helps to constrict blood vessels and the lactic acid in milk hydrates and plums your skin so the blueness is less noticable.
21_ice cubes. rub an ice cube all over your face everymorning and your good to go.

daily fashion tip_ toothpaste. say no more just brush and spit.


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