Wednesday, November 11, 2009

spring 2010 paris deux

its what you've been waiting for. lets not prolong this shall we so start reading.

prepare to be ed-ju-ma-cated:

christian dior

i felt lauren bacall the entire show. its like she was whispering tips into gallianos ear when he was creating the collection. the whole thing screamed femme fatale and i wouldnt have expected anyless because after all dior did start the whole undies peeping out of the clothing thing that every designer has hopped on. it stareted with trech coats, which i love. chiffon dresses, a semi-transparent gown, and a red vamping gown stood out. it was provocative, but who wouldnt want to be? now only if i could get me some humphery bogart...

comme des garcons

i love how rei kawakubo infuses a sense of humor into her shows. the shoulder pads placed oddly_definetly a jab at our current obsession with the strong shoulder this past year. irony the best part of art and she does it to a t. love the collage like mash up of fabric with red glitter over it.

costume national

vegatable died leather biker chick ensemble stood out in the collection. but it seems that using the lame trailing threads is really where its at for capasa. he used it before but the effect is pretty awesome almost floaty gohst like. plus the slashed dress are tottaly for the vamping. nd by the way is it even legal to make shorts that short???

elie saab

curves and a little bit of skin guarenteed. some fifties fit dresses and some floor sweeping gowns plus crayon colors. defiently a collection for the redcarpet lady.

giambattista valli

a contrast to the fall collection with shorter hems. a lot of drop wait dresses. some cocoon coats and a few jazzy like numbers and oversized carpet looking prints. i loved the bright pops of color at the end.


high waist lines and print covered everything. the first look was a geometric jersey jacket with draped pants and a logenze fronted top. very roman arabic thing goning on. i like the kilts and the tulle swathed dresses a ton. peep the multilayered tutus. the white dresses at the end are definetly my favorite.


tennis was the theme. different variations of the tennis skirt, some long cardigans, and club ts. the blue suede umpire blazer screamed to me. hermes clothing is perfect because its instyle without being trendy. you know if you buy it you can where it again and it will still have the same affect no matter what the year. plus there where navy or white ankle skimming gowns that had absolutley no competition. game.set.match.

issey miyake

a floating black gown did it for me. patchwork and handpinting had their mark, but that gown. it was interesting, kind of like all the spots on a compass where like hey lets get together and make clothes. and the best part is, it turned out pretty awesome. (peep the saddle shoes.)

jean paul gaultier

he named the collection, "the g spot." there was the cone bra corset. there was a model who came out with quite a bit of bottom heavy paddign and she looked a little embarassed. i loved the overalls though.

john galliano

hollywood hollywood. and not in the micheal kors way, in a way about film noir divas losing their influence. (did u see the bubbles on the runway? awesome right?) it was kida a story about how old was getting kicked out by new technology. i loved the coats covered in film gel flower clusters. there where some bias cuts i dug. the creepy doll make up? well that, i kinda dug too.

to prevent you from having a brain overload spring 2010 paris trois will be posted tmrw.

daily fashion tip_dark chocolate. i love it and thats why you need it. not further questions please.


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