Saturday, November 14, 2009

spring 2010 paris trois

ok k k. its time to blow this popsicle stand. it's done. now read up:

karl lagerfled

god bless this man. he had shorts in his collection. not bermudas or hot pants or bloomers. shorts!! my cry for moderate decency has been answered. he showed off his playsuits again, one in leather was quite attention getting. some interesting jackets and the amps in the background definetly screamed rock and roll but this show wasnt heavy metal, unless you count the silver filgree overlapping outfits.

louis vuitton

this show had the best song. (hands up, thumbs down, representing that...) they also had fabulous fros (with bows in them) and a color pallet out the wiz-aow. there was a lot of mixing and matching. the vibe of the show had this im a backer packer feel but there was also some sporty, military, and native american things in there. the bags where backpacks and satchels with fur tails hanging off them. my favorite piece was the wrap style pant, definetly gonna have to get some of those.

maison martin margiela

they like to break rules, what more can i say? they say it was a study in volume and texture but what collection doesnt involve volume and texture. oh and for the love of bob what the hell was going on with those boots? they better just be some paper bags because i felt that was a waist of leather. i could totally work with them though, if they werent so floppy. the show itself, was a flop. actually scratch that, make your own decsion. my favorite piece was the, well see the thing is, i didnt really like any of it...

miu miu

i loved the animal prints!!!!! i dug some of the pants suits. there where some little girl dresses in there with cutouts...idk but prada did not dissopoint me thats for sure.

sonia rykiel

there was a clear plastic trench trimmed in black. that sums up my love of this collection. but the models shimming up and down asile, suits covered in studs, lace, anf flirty dresses where ok too. the quilting thing was a nice touch to everything too. but come on, nothing can top a plastic black lined trench. maybe im baised.

stella mccartney_see previous blog entries


well there where no red dresses. lots of nude and lavender, rose, gold, and gray. i dug the black orchid print on the chiffon. plus there was swirling organza. the shoes had lace wings on them. fly home buddy boy...


tulle ball gowns (deep breath) cut in to pieces (another breath) and they turned out fabulous (and exhale.) it was awesome. the dutch duo is awesome. they also did a little lace trip putting their two cents into this season lingerie trend.
vivienne westwood

its all about stoping consumerism and being pro green. the few pieces that stood out from the deflated bra cups and unfinished hems, where the suits. the whole thing was crazy, and i can appreciate that. (check out the flame like hair.)
yves saint laurent

surprise i suppose was my reaction to this collection. it was odd, the laderhosen and strawberry scattered dress. there was no definite statement. very minimalism and lady like things. the suits, well, at least i'll all ways have those.

well thats all for paris. next out those wellies.

daily fashion tip_hair pin. their great for windy days when pieces of your hair randomly go flying about. i have a pearl one, its a bit old but it doest the job. their are tons and extra cheap too if you get them from claires or your local beauty store. in the summer i tend to wear bright plaid patterned and flower one and in the winter i break out the monochromes and jewel pins.

xoxo_stella french

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