Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rock Steady

so im all about working with what you got.
it's not like i have a choice, what with being extra longlegged and all that fun stuff. yet i realize that some people dont realize that they have choice when it comes to their clothing. if i could even describe to you the atroscities i see when im out about town. my oh my, people lack so much guidance. now i wont lie, somedays i can look rather frumpy. but im an exception because i know my options...i wonder if they do?

so here are some tips for the lot of ya.


_wear clothing thats a little lose. dont go oversized thought. clothing like that will swallow you. you dont want to end up drownding in a fur like rachel zoe. the only reason she can pull it off, is cause she's got attitude. you my dear, should stay away from the overlayerd boho.

_do something a little short with something a little tall. pair some shorts with some over the knee high boots. showing a little leg makes you look longer. no couchie cutters or daisy dukes though, those are inappropraite no matter your size. (bloomers are the shortest i will advocate.)

_wear ballet flats and skinny jeans that hit you right at the ankle. if your jeans drag or bunch up you look shorter than you are. trust me, it's something i used to do to make myself appear shorter all the time.

_try leggings over and oversized top and a fitted jacket over that. its the layering that will hide some of your curves and the fitted jacket that will make you even more hourglass shaped. you'll be walking down the street and folks will be like shes a brick house.

_wear a short dress. preferably dresses cut at the knee make you appear longer. stay away from maxidresses, maxi being the key word because we don't want you to appear as the maximum size possible.

_strapless dresses draw mor attention to your shoulders and arms which gives even more attention to your waist! the miracles of science, i know. tight yes, bandage no. it should highlight your curves not show off your tummy bulge (if you have one.)

ok, so this has straps, but you get the idea.
_above the knee!!!! now it took me a lot of time to embrace this idea but shorter things really do look better on my massive legs. keep skirts and dresses four to five inches above your knee. lower than your knee and you look dis-proportionately(spell check that, dont quote me yet) short.

_sleeves that are just a little longer than normal are great. they lengthen your arms which inturn lengthens your whole body. science, again. seek wrist length coverage.

_asymmetrical tops cut your body in half. in a good way. they draw a line from the shoulder to the hip.

now that you've been informed there are no excuses. renew your entire closet on friday. it will be worth it trust me, people will be like, "there's something different about you i just cant put my finger on it." just smile and say, "is that so?"

daily fashion tip_penny loafers. cause i said so. just kidding. their not so bad if you find some cool ones. think electric blue, animal print, buble gum pink, and sleek black. for the love of bob dont get them with tassels unless you can pull it off!!!!

street cred
_taylor lautner is on the cover of rolling stone.
_dakota fanning looking very glamorous in teen vogue
_check out fun.'s video all the pretty girls. its hilarious

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