Friday, December 18, 2009

1, 2 , bang bang

rodarte for target in just two days!!!!!! monday actually. im in there like swim wear.

btw. ive decided to grow my hair. yea its not tht shorrt but im always cutting it. i wonder what id look like with some slightly past shoulder length locks. i always get a straight across bang and my hair cut to my chin. but ya know new year new style maybe even though people always say that im serious. the hair i really would like to have in a dream me is below

fierce right? her locks are out the wiz-aow. now, im not gonna grow mine tht long but when i do cut it its gonna be cut straight across. no more angles. or maybe i'll get a bowl like tao okamoto. no no no. im growing it and thats that.

i've also updated my blog. there are links. their pretty crappy insize but they lead to wonderfully fantasmical places. just click and goooo.

on another topic im trying to decide wether or not to go see avatar. i heard it had wonderful reviews but its just not something im dying to go see. if you do watch it. however, tell me about it.

so i've discovered this beautifully constructed dress today. i was flipping through my moms in-style for december (taylor swift is the cover girl) and i saw this dress.

now in the magazine its worn by katy perry who wore it to the grammy awards this year. i think its fablous.

check out that weaving in the back! fantasmical!!! its so floaty yet sophisticated.
so now it begs the question who is basil soda. well i guess you'll find out tmrw follwed by a post about pink. cause im feeling the pink.

daily fashion tip_sturdy headphones. i am about to replace my second pair of headphones for this year. i just got them a few weeks ago. and now their broken. my orginal i-pod headphones lasted all the way up until november (i got them in march and then stepped on them by accident.) so now myheadphones are breaking again, from stress this time not from my oversized feet. so get some sturdy ones cause theres nothing like listening to the music you love from crappy headphones...


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